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Litter Picking Event – Saturday 8th February 2020

Regular litter picking event. Focus will be Altrincham Road and the airport tunnels.

Meet in the Honey Bee car park.

New volunteers are most welcome to come along – but please familiarise yourselves with the safety guidance first.

Please try to arrive at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes from the start time. Organisers of each event will typically litter pick after the 15 minute period has elapsed, returning to the meeting point up to an hour later.

Litter Picking Event – Wednesday 5th February 2020

Regular litter picking event. Focus will be The Carrs + one car will head off to the Prestbury Link Road (if numbers allow).

Meet in the Parish Hall car park.

New volunteers are most welcome to come along – but please familiarise yourselves with the safety guidance first.

Please try to arrive at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes from the start time. Organisers of each event will typically litter pick after the 15 minute period has elapsed, returning to the meeting point up to an hour later.

November 2019 Litter Pick Summary And Other News

9 volunteers met at Bank Square on Wednesday 6th November. We covered Hawthorn Lane, Bank Square, Green Lane, Holly Road, Swan Street, Station Road, the station forecourt, the Leisure Centre, Grove Street and Alderley Road. We collected 10 bags altogether.

8 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Saturday 9th November. We picked along the A538 (Altrincham Rd) and collected a total of 16 bags plus various hub caps and other items. Viv, who regularly picks in this area, reported that “It was absolutely dreadful – I’ve never seen it so bad”.


We were disappointed to see that the glass in the bus shelter (near the Airport Inn Hotel) had been vandalised. We have asked our contact at Cheshire East to report this to the relevant department.



Anyway –  at least 26 bags at our 2 scheduled picks contributing to a total of 38 over the past month.

In other news :

  • We have renewed our annual insurance.
  • We held an “Extraordinary General Meeting”  on Monday 28th October to agree changes to our constitution. The main changes are because of the recent GDPR requirements and because we have made a decision (after consulting with CVS Cheshire East) that only people of 18 years and over can be Wilmslow Clean Team members. People under 18 are very welcome to attend litter picks but only if they are supervised by a responsible adult.
  • We are liaising with Lindow School who would like to borrow our equipment. Year 4 are learning about things they can do to support their local community.  This is a fantastic initiative.

Well done everyone – see you in December

Litter Picking Summary 7th + 10th August 2019

We have been very busy this month with 5 organised litter picks, since the last update, rather than the usual 2 – along with some fantastic solo efforts!

9 volunteers met at The Carnival Fields on Monday 8th July to help with the clean up operation after The Wilmslow Show. We collected a bag each.

There were 2 “In Bloom” judging events this year. We did an extra litter pick on Monday 22nd July so that the town was looking at its best for the regional round of judging. 10 volunteers turned up for an evening pick. We collected 12 bags of litter altogether in and around the town centre. 6 additional bags were collected on solo picks.

11 volunteers met at The Honey Bee at 10:00 on Wednesday 7th August. Again – we were delighted to welcome 2 new volunteers. We focused on Altrincham Road down to the airport tunnels – traditionally one of the worst areas for litter in Wilmslow. We collected 15 bags plus several hub caps.  We also reported some fly tipping, near the airport fire station, to ANSA.  The 2nd of our “In Bloom” events was on the same evening – this time in preparation for the National judging (Wilmslow is representing the North West this year). About 8 volunteers met up in the evening collecting a bag each.

Wilmslow Clean Team Stanneylands Road 10-AUG-19Last but not least, despite blustery weather, 8 volunteers met at The Parish Hall, on Saturday 10th August. The park was reasonably litter free due to recent activity for the Bloom judging. We spread out covering the Carr’s (to Twinnies Bridge), Stanneylands Road, Prestbury Road, The Memorial Gardens and the footpaths near Trust Ford. We collected at least 9 bags along with hub caps and some recyclables. We also informed ANSA about a large gas canister that has been washed up near Twinnies Bridge.

So – a massive monthly litter haul of 60 bags.  Well done everyone. Fingers crossed for the “In Bloom” judging later in the year.

We also reported some dangerous overhanging vegetation (on Altrincham Road) to Cheshire East Council




Litter Picking Summary 5th + 8th September 2018

7 volunteers met at Bank Square on Wednesday 5th September.  We focused on the town centre.  One volunteer found a lot of rubbish hidden by bushes in Sainsbury’s car park – including a particularly bad area around a bench near the walkway to Parkway (the bench gas clearly been moved there illegally). 10 bags plus sundry some hub caps were collected altogether.

We had 7 volunteers out and about at our Summerfields pick on Saturday 8th September.  Despite the miserable weather we managed to collect 12 bags altogether.  We covered the surrounding area including Dean Row Road, Colshaw Drive and the roads near the bypass.  3 volunteers spent an hour doing the hedgerow on one side of Howty Close alone – there is so much litter in this area.

So – 22 bags, plus some recyclables on our 2 scheduled September picks plus some extra bags collected by some of our other volunteers on solo picks.

Thanks and well done everyone.

Summary Of Spring Clean 2017

We held 4 litter picks during the 2017 Spring Clean Week.  We collected at least 61 bags of litter + some recyclables – so a brilliant effort all round.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 Adlington RoadSome sparkling weather was welcome on Monday 27th March. 2 new volunteers (Alison and Sara) were amongst the 10 who met at Wilmslow Garden Centre. This was a new venue for us. We collected 24 bags plus 3 bags for recycling. We also alerted ANSA to the carcass of a badger on Stanneylands Road. We covered Manchester Road (from the Blue Bell crossroads north to the boundary with Handforth, and the woodland near this boundary), Dean Drive, Courtney Green, the Arthur Boon park, the un-named cul de sac adjacent and Stanneylands Road (between the hotel and the Styal parish boundary at Linney Bridge, and for some distance up the hill beyond the boundary). Because we have never covered some of this area before there was a lot of very old, deep-seated, litter, especially in the woodland around the park, and down the cul de sac road past the building used by the Army and Air Force cadets, towards the railway viaduct. We heard from a passer-by that someone is regularly fly-tipping drink cans down there.

On Tuesday, one of our volunteers, Sheila, collected 3 bags and a wheel trim on Alderley Road (and the surrounding streets) between the bypass roundabout and the Kings Arms. Donkey Lane and Fulshaw Park.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 The Carrs8 volunteers met at the Parish Hall in the evening on Wednesday 29th March. We were pleased to welcome another new volunteer (Julie). We collected 10 bags and some recyclables. We focussed on surrounding area including The Carrs, Cliff Road, Styal Road and Bollin Hill. We then headed off to The King William for a drink and a chat.


7 volunteers gathered at the Unicorn Pub on Adlington Road on Friday 31st March. We  collected 12 bags of litter from in and around the Dean Row area.  Again – this was a new location for us. We covered Lees Road (on both sides down as far as the Wilmslow boundary), Adlington Road (down as far as Browns Lane and then into Cross Lane), Chapel Road and Woodford Road (down as far as the Wilmslow boundary). It was great to welcome 2 local Dean Row councillors : Ian Furguson and Frank McCarthy.  We would also like to than the landlady of the Unicorn for kindly offering us tea or coffee which we enjoyed when arrived back at the pub.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 SinsburysOn Sunday 2nd April, 5 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s and we were so pleased to be joined by a 12 year old girl who had read about the Spring Clean and brought her mum along – what a star!  We collected 11 bags altogether. We would like to thank Sainsbury’s for the free ice creams that they brought out – very welcome on a warm afternoon. Thanks to the Coach & Four for the offer of free teas – most of us had to dash off – so apologies if no-one turned up. We also heard that Ruth and Rod had collected a bag of litter from in and around the Rectory pond and from the wilderness by Sainsbury’s car park – much of which they took home to recycle.

Many thanks to everyone who helped during the week either on the organised litter picks or individually.  It was especially nice to welcome some new volunteers.  Thanks also to the local businesses who offered us support (parking, refreshments etc).

Litter Picking Summary 6th -> 9th July 2016

wilmslow clean team bank square litter cleanOn Wednesday 6th July, 10 volunteers (including two new volunteers from Yorkshire Building Society – Michelle and Rebecca) met at Bank Square and collected 14 bags of litter. Some bags of flattened cans were taken away for re-cycling.

The areas/roads covered included Bank Square, Grove Street, Swan Street, Station Road, Green Lane, St Ann’s Parade (and the service road behind here), part of Alderley Road, Leisure Centre grounds (and path behind that leads to railway station), Station forecourt, Broadway Meadows car park,  the un-named link road to A34 by-pass and roundabout by Polar Ford, the passageway between Broadway and Parkway, Grove Avenue, Hawthorn Lane, Kennerley’s Lane, Albert Road, Victoria Road and Chapel Lane.

Other volunteers collected an additional 3 bags of litter in various parts of Wilmslow including Gravel Lane, Knutsford Road and Priory Road,

Many thanks to the Yorkshire Building Society for their help with the litter picking – and their involvement in the dramatic rescue of a hedgehog at Wilmslow Leisure Centre.

wilmslow clean team tesco express litter cleanWe asked Tesco Express if they would arrange to clear the rubbish which has accumulated over many years at the foot of the external fire escape metal staircase. The issue is that litter has been pushed through the railings which guard the staircase, so is totally inaccessible without the gate being open, but which is also highly visible. Fortunately, the gate was open today for some maintenace work. A member of Tesco’s staff, Sharon, took immediate responsibility and said she would clear the litter immediately. 2 of our volunteers, Colin and Chris offered to help, and, between us all, we filled 4 bags (see photo)! Sharon said she would now keep an eye on this area and clean when necessary, each time the maintenance engineer arrives.

Finally, in an eventful morning, another of our volunteers, Sally, picked up a donation of £295 from Waitrose as part of their “Community Matters” programme.  We are very grateful for this money as our funds were running a bit low.

On Saturday 9th July, 4 intrepid volunteers braved torrential rain and litter picked in and around Lacey Green Park.

7 bags of litter were left for collection by the Barlow road entrance to the park and some flattened cans were taken for re-cycling.

So – 24 more bags of litter removed from the streets of WIlmlsow. Well done everyone!

Thanks once again to our volunteers and to the businesses who support our efforts.

Litter Picking Update – 13th February 2016

wilmslow clean team feb 16 altrincham roadSeveral of our volunteers do stirling work themselves inbetween our 2 formal monthly litter picks.  A great example this month was a tremendous haul of litter and rubbish collected by Ann in the area between the Honey Bee and Morley Green nursery.  This extra effort was to tidy up the part of Altrincham Road that the team couldnt finish on the Saturday litter pick.  She also collected a bag on Knutsford Road.  All the rubbish was taken to Sainsbury’s car park and the coucil were notified for collection.

A brilliant effort – well done.