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News Update : 02-DEC-23

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

6 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Wednesday 01-NOV-23. We covered Altrincham Road and the area near the airport tunnels. We collected at least 9 bags.  We were pleased to welcome 3 ladies from “Carefound Home Care” to this pick.

8 volunteers met at The Parish Hall on Saturday 04-NOV-23. We covered the Carrs, the surrounding area and the town centre. We collected 9 bags.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Completed the move of our bank account from Barclays

d) Started to plan a get together for our 10th anniversary. We are currently considering meeting up in The Kings Arms one evening in January – probably a Monday or a Tuesday. More details will be sent out once the plans are confirmed.

e) Started to investigate a possible poster campaign (following up on a recent suggestion by Elaine)

f) Renewed our annual insurance.

News Update : 29-MAY-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

5 volunteers met at The Parish Hall on a very wet morning on Wednesday 4th May.  We covered the surrounding area including The Carrs, Cliff Road, The Bollin Link and Lacey Green.  We collected 4 bags. We were delighted to welcome a new volunteer (Judith)

Wilmslow Clean Team Altrincham Road May 20225 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Saturday 7th May. We covered Altrincham Road and the area around the airport tunnels. We collected around 6 bags and some debris



Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Held a joint litter picking exercise with Hickory’s (one of our leading co-sponsors) on Tuesday 24th May. Despite the poor weather 5 of our volunteers spent an hour focussing on the area from Hickory’s to Waters and collected 6 bags.  We then handed the reins over to a group of 12 from Hickory’s who focussed on the Lindow Common area. They had a great time collecting a further 6 bags, a burst tyre and a number plate. This was a very successfully joint exercise. Many thanks to Hickory’s for their ongoing support and for the courtesy coffees.

d) Liaised with the Halifax whose staff are planning on attending our scheduled pick on Saturday 4th June.  Really encouraging to have another business getting involved.

e) Began an exercise to review our current insurance provider and explore alternatives

f) Updated the bag count on the website. We collected over 50 bags in both March and April. This includes a contribution by some high school pupils who are doing their Duke of Edinburgh award.

Hope to see you at the June picks.

Litter Picking Event – Wednesday 5th February 2020

Regular litter picking event. Focus will be The Carrs + one car will head off to the Prestbury Link Road (if numbers allow).

Meet in the Parish Hall car park.

New volunteers are most welcome to come along – but please familiarise yourselves with the safety guidance first.

Please try to arrive at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes from the start time. Organisers of each event will typically litter pick after the 15 minute period has elapsed, returning to the meeting point up to an hour later.

Litter Picking Summary 1st + 4th August 2018

Before summarising our August picks, it is worth mentioning a couple of extra litter picks that we did in July :

1) 5 volunteers helped clean up after the Wilmslow show on Monday 9th July. We collected 5 bags altogether.

2) Several volunteers performed a litter pick on the evening of Monday 23rd July in preparation for the annual “Britain In Bloom” judging the next morning.  This is an event which we have been involved with for the past few years. We collected 15 bags altogether.

9 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Wednesday 1st August for the first of our 2 scheduled monthly picks. We cleaned from the junction with Nansmoss Road to the tunnel mouths. We also covered the pieces of old road behind the Airport Inn, and the unnamed road leading off Altrincham Road towards the barrier for Manchester Airport Fire Station. The verges here were particularly bad – it is known that truck drivers pull in here to have a break. We also did part of Altrincham Road by the Jim Edison playing fields.  We checked Nansmoss Road, Mobberley Road, and Morley Green Road which were all clean – thanks to the ongoing efforts of one of our volunteers (Liz). We collected 14 bags plus pieces of cardboard. Many thanks to The Honey Bee for allowing us to use the car park.

8 volunteers met at the Parish Hall on Saturday 4th August. We covered the Carrs, The Memorial Gardens and the surrounding area – spreading out as far as Grove Street and Water Lane. One volunteer headed off by car to cover Prestbury Road. We collected 11 bags altogether along with some recyclables.

So – 25 bags in our 2 scheduled August picks, 20 more in our 2 “one off” picks in July plus lots more by our volunteers who go out on their own in-between the scheduled picks

Thanks and well done everyone.


Litter Picking Summary 1st->4th February 2017

Our volunteers met at The Parish Hall on Wednesday 1st February. We focussed on the Carrs and the surrounding roads including Cliff Road, parts of Styal Road, parts of Lacey Green, River Street, Church Street and Hawthorne Lane.

In addition, one of our volunteers, Chris, headed over to the Prestbury Link Road.

We collected 17 bags altogether.

Many thanks to Helen for standing in and leading the pick.

7 volunteers met at the Honey Bee on Saturday 4th February.  We covered Altrincham Road between the Jim Evison playing fields and the Airport tunnels, the road from The Honey Bee to Morley Green, Eccups Lane, the first part of Burleyhurst Lane, the old road in front of Airport Inn and the connecting road (old Styal Road) back to the A538 roundabout.

The Honey Bee have very kindly offered to provide us with a free coffee when we base future litter picks there – much appreciated.

13 more bags were collected making a total of 30 altogether over the 2 scheduled February picks.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.


Litter Picking Summary 3rd->6th August 2016

Wilmslow Clean Team Honey Bee August 201610 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Wednesday 3rd August.  We focussed on Altrincham Road from the Jim Evison playing fields to the airport tunnels, the whole length of Morley Green Road, the green at Morley Green and the old road near the Britannia Airport Inn.  We collected 13 bags of litter along with some polystyrene, a lorry mud flap and 2 lengths of industrial plastic.

Our environmental efforts continue to impove as a whole bag of plastic bottles and cans was taken home for recycling.

8 volunteers met at The Parish Hall on Saturday 6th August.  We focussed on the Carrs and surrounding roads (e.g. Styal Road, Cliff Road).

Wilmslow Clean Team St Olafs Chapel August 2016A member of the public had contacted us about the litter probelm at St Olaf’s Chapel.  3 of our volunteers (Ade, Sally and Chris) headed to the chapel which is a ruin in the woods above the Carrs. We cleaned the litter along the path and around the ruin itself.  There was some litter – but not as much as we were expecting.  It was interesting to discover the old ruin though.

We collected 13 bags of litter and also took home some cans and bottles for recycling.

A health total of 26 bags of litter and some recylcables – well done everybody!

Litter Picking Summary – 1st -> 4th April 2015

6 volunteers met at the Parish Hall on Weds 1st April.  We spread out in all directions and collected 10 bags of rubbish.  The locations that we tidied up included the steps from the Parish Hall up to Bollin Hill, the Carrs play area, Cliff Road, Styal Road, Manchester Road, Swan Street, Hawthorn Lane, the Memorial Gardens, Mill Street, the road from the King William down to Polar Ford, and the Leisure Centre.

We collected a lot of broken glass in the skateboard area in The Carrs. We also found over 50 laughing gas canisters near the river near to Polar Ford.  The hedgerow between the entrance to the Broadway car park (near the Leisure Centre) and Broadway itself was filthy.

wilmslow clean team prestbury road april 20156 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Sat 4th April.  Again we spread out in various directions and collected 11 bags of rubbish. 2 volunteers drove off to Prestbury Road. This stretch of road is always full of litter and we collected 4 bags there.  Other areas covered included Alderley Road (although the discarded duvet near Royal London was a bit too big for us to deal with), the roundabout where Alderley Road meets the A34 bypass and the Spring Street Car Park.

We also ventured into Alderley Edge a bit and tidied up Brook Lane (including the path to the Alderley ByPass) and the public footpatch heading into the fields from the roundabout where Wilmslow Road meets the A34 bypass.

So 21 bags of litter altogether.

Well done everyone.


Litter Picking Events Summary – 1st->4th October 2014

We are supporting Keep Britain Tidy in a month long, nationwide clean up exercise called “The Big Tidy Up”.

Litter in The Carrs Wilmslow October 2014On Wednesday 1st October, 3 of our volunteers turned out to tidy up the town centre.  They met in Bank square and focussed on the surrounding area.  About 4 bags of litter were collected in the nearby streets. We also did some sweeping to improve the appearance of Bank Square itself.  Another volunteer went out in the evening and collected 3 bags of litter within a 20m distance of the Carrs car park. The photo shows some of this litter before it was collected and bagged up.

Another of our volunteers collected 2 bags of litter on Friday 3rd October on Prestbury Road.

Wilmslow Clean Team volunteers in Pinewood Road on 4th October 2014On Saturday 4th October 5 of our volunteers braved some shocking weather and headed to Pinewood Road.  The streets in the area were generally very clean.  We ended up focussing mainly on Brown’s Lane and on a public footpath off Pinewood Road.  We collected quite a haul of litter considering we called it a day after an hour. The photo shows the rubbish ready for collection by the council.  We collected 8 bags of rubbish and some bigger items. There were lots of drinks bottles (e.g vodka),  dozens of discarded dog poo bags (some of which proudly hung by their irrisponsible owners on tree branches), the usual crisps, cigarette and fizzy drink bottles, car tyres, a garden umbrella, a garden planter, part of a child’s slide etc.

So – a good start to the “Big Tidy Up” month with 17 bags of rubbish collected so far.