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Litter Picking Update – 13th February 2016

wilmslow clean team feb 16 altrincham roadSeveral of our volunteers do stirling work themselves inbetween our 2 formal monthly litter picks.  A great example this month was a tremendous haul of litter and rubbish collected by Ann in the area between the Honey Bee and Morley Green nursery.  This extra effort was to tidy up the part of Altrincham Road that the team couldnt finish on the Saturday litter pick.  She also collected a bag on Knutsford Road.  All the rubbish was taken to Sainsbury’s car park and the coucil were notified for collection.

A brilliant effort – well done.

Litter Picking Summary 7th->10th October 2015

Fly Tipping in Sainsbury Car Park 07 October 20155 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Wednesday 7th October. We collected 6 bags in the surrounding roads – e.g. Bedells lane, Chapel Lane, Albert Road, Victoria Roads and Alderley Road. The picture shows some fly tipping in the wooded area by Sainsbury’s car park – this has been reported to the council.


wilmslow_clean_team_10th_oct_litter_pick_boddington_armsA much nicer day on Saturday 10th saw 9 volunteers meet at the Boddington Arms. Some of us headed of down Altrincham road to Waters and just beyond whilst others tackled Racecourse Road, Lindow Common, the areas around Kings Road and Broad Walk, Altrincham Road up to Little Lindow and some of the surrounding side streets. 3 bags were collected by the council during the morning. We left 10 more bags at the Boddington Arms. A few more bags were left at other locations around the town – the council were informed and they will collect them.  So – we probably collected about 14 bags altogether.

We are experimenting with a new strategy of sifting through the bags at the end of the day and removeing all the recyclable items.

Film Screening : “Trashed” – Sunday 22nd March 2015 *** Wilmslow Spring Clean Week 2015 Event ***

As part of “Spring Clean Week 2015”, we will be screening the “Trashed” documentary film at The Old Dancer (Jeremy Irons presents a hard hitting documentary on the global problem of litter and waste)

The movie will be shows at 15:00 on Sunday 22nd March 2015

Free entry – newcomers welcome


Litter Picking Summary – 4th -> 7th February 2015

The 2 litter picks scheduled for February are now complete.

Wilmslow Clean Team Litter Pick The Cars 4th Feb 20153 volunteers met at the Parish Hall on Wednesday 4th February.  2 of them went off and collected litter in the surrounding area whilst the 3rd tidied up the car park and swept up some leaves.  6 bags of litter were collected altogether.

6 volunteers met in the Summerfields car park on Saturday 7th Wilmslow Clean Team Litter Pick Summerfields 7th Feb 2015February. They tidied up the car park and the surrounding roads – e.g. Dean Row Road. Some of the hedgerows in the area, especially on Dean Row Road near Colshaw Drive and bordering the offices and Kids Unlimited nursery are in a disgusting state.  The Clean Team did their best but the trees and plants make it almost impossible to get at some of the litter.  We were surprised at how bad the litter problem was and collected 17 bags which is higher than average. We may well have to organise another litter pick in this area.

Litter Picking Events Summary – 5th -> 8th November 2014

On Wednesday 5th November 4 volunteers turned up for litter picking on a lovely sunny morning.  We met in the King’s Arm’s car park. Some of the roads covered included Knutsord Road, Alderley Road, Chapel Lane, South Oak Lane (including the play area), Holly Road South, Parkway, Broadway and Holly Road North.  We also picked around the Leisure Centre and Station approaches.

The weather was less kind to us on Saturday 8th November.  4 different volunteers met at Bank Square.  We headed off in different directions.  The main areas covered were Church Street, the Memorial Gardens, the Leisure Centre, Alderley Road, Green Lane and Knutsford Road.  We took shelter from the heavy rain in the Leisure Centre cafe and had to stop picking earlier than intended.

We collected around 9 bags of rubbish altogether over both events.

Well done everyone.

Litter Picking Event Summary – Thursday 16th October 2014

Wilmslow Clean Team Leisure Centre Pick 16 Oct 2014A good turn out on a lovely autumn day in support of the Keep Britain Tidy  “The Big Tidy Up” Campaign that is being held nationwide throughout October.

7 volunteers met at the Leisure Centre.  Most of our efforts were in the Leisure Centre grounds.  Some of the hedgerows were particularly bad although this may be because we haven’t tackled them before and were dealing with a build up of litter over a long period.  We also did some work on Station Road.

Some of the volunteers collected litter on their walk to and from the Leisure Centre.  This included Water Lane, Altrincham Road, Bourne Street and Alderley Road.

We even managed to get together for a mid morning break and enjoyed a coffee outside the Pickle Jar cafe (part of Wilmslow Leisure Centre). The problems we are up against as a team were typified by the behaviour of one of the employees from the Leisure Centre.  She came out of the cafe for a smoke and then threw her cigarette end on the floor just outside the cafe door – right in front of 6 gob-smacked litter pickers!

We collected about 12 bags of rubbish altogether.

Well done everyone!


Litter Picking Events Summary – 1st->4th October 2014

We are supporting Keep Britain Tidy in a month long, nationwide clean up exercise called “The Big Tidy Up”.

Litter in The Carrs Wilmslow October 2014On Wednesday 1st October, 3 of our volunteers turned out to tidy up the town centre.  They met in Bank square and focussed on the surrounding area.  About 4 bags of litter were collected in the nearby streets. We also did some sweeping to improve the appearance of Bank Square itself.  Another volunteer went out in the evening and collected 3 bags of litter within a 20m distance of the Carrs car park. The photo shows some of this litter before it was collected and bagged up.

Another of our volunteers collected 2 bags of litter on Friday 3rd October on Prestbury Road.

Wilmslow Clean Team volunteers in Pinewood Road on 4th October 2014On Saturday 4th October 5 of our volunteers braved some shocking weather and headed to Pinewood Road.  The streets in the area were generally very clean.  We ended up focussing mainly on Brown’s Lane and on a public footpath off Pinewood Road.  We collected quite a haul of litter considering we called it a day after an hour. The photo shows the rubbish ready for collection by the council.  We collected 8 bags of rubbish and some bigger items. There were lots of drinks bottles (e.g vodka),  dozens of discarded dog poo bags (some of which proudly hung by their irrisponsible owners on tree branches), the usual crisps, cigarette and fizzy drink bottles, car tyres, a garden umbrella, a garden planter, part of a child’s slide etc.

So – a good start to the “Big Tidy Up” month with 17 bags of rubbish collected so far.

Carnival Fields Mini Litter Pick – Wednesday 17th September 2014

Two of our volunteers, Chris and Delia, have been out litter picking this morning on Carnival Fields. They collected 2 large bags of litter, two shopping trolleys and a platform container, all of which has been collected by the Council this lunch time.

Chris and Delia have made this area of Wilmslow their litter picking domain and in the past have filled ten’s of bags of litter on each task. A circus is due to arrive in a few weeks time, so we will shall no doubt need lots of help to clear up the aftermath and get it looking spin and span again.

Well done Chris and Delia and thank you to Streetscene for their prompt collection

“letsdoituk UK Clean Up Day” Litter Picking Event Summary – Saturday 13th September 2014

Litter collectted by Wilmslow Clean Team on "UK Clean Up Day" organised by letsdoituk7 volunteers turned up for our extra September event in support of the letsdoituk “UK Clean Up Campaign”.  Clean up events were staged nationwaide today and it was good to play our part.

We met at Bank Square and spread out in various directions.  Areas covered include : Knutsford Road, Alderley Road, Sainsbury’s car park, Parkway, the Railway Station, the Leisure Centre, Grove Street, the Memorial Gardens and Green Lane.

We collected about 12 bags of rubbish – some of which is shown in the photo ready for collection by the council.

We were concerned by the state of station around the bus stop and taxi rank.  A suggestion was made to the taxi drivers that they might like to keep it clean – but this idea didn’t go down well. It was pointed out by the taxi drivers that there are no bins – this is something that we need to investigate and campaign for.

The bushes inbetween the Sainsbury’s car park and Parkway (near the back of the library) were in a really bad state.  It took 3 volunteers about 30 minutes to clear one of the bushes.  It’s clear that most of the litter originated from Sainsbury’s.  We need to find out how we can get Sainsbury’s more involved with the work we are doing.

Well done everyone – especially Paul who was a first time volunteer today.