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News Update : 03-FEB-24

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

Despite the drizzle, 4 volunteers met at The King’s Arms on Wednesday 3rd January. We covered the surrounding area and collected 8 bags.

The sun was out on Saturday 6th January. 8 volunteers met at Lindow Common. We collected 11 bags. 1 bag of recyclables was taken home and put in the grey bin. We covered the surrounding area including Chapel Lane.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Held a very successful “10th Birthday” get together in the King’s Arms on Tuesday 30-JAN-24. At least 17 volunteers came along.  It was good to catch up with everyone and lovely to see some old faces. Many thanks to Stuart for organising.

Clean Team Kings Arms - 1

Clean Team Kings Arms - 2





d) Collected our new trolley – which we have named “The Howden Trolley” after the insurance company in the town centre (formerly A-Plan) that paid for it. We are very grateful for their support.

Spring Clean Week 2015 Summary

Wilmslow High School Girls Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015Wilmslow Clean Team organised the annual Spring Clean week.  ItWilmslow High School Boys Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015 ran from Monday 16th March until Sunday 23rd March.

Wilmslow High School participated during the week.  A group of students went out litter picking 3 times during the week and collected a total of 6 bags.

On Monday 16th March, 7 Clean Team volunteers met at Lindow Common.  One volunteer cleaned Racecourse Road whilst some tackled Altrincham Road.  Some volunteers headed off towards the Honey Bee.  We tackled part of a litter hot spot reported by a member of the public near at the Mobberley Road junction but some of it was too difficult to get at. Other volunteers went down to the Britannia Hotel.  There are some really bad litter problem areas near the hotel – some of which were so bad that we had to call in the council to clear them up. Others are on private land and it’s not clear who we would report it to.  The total haul was around 24 bags of rubbish, TV parts, car parts etc.

On Tuesday evening 5 volunteers met at the Parish Hall and litter picked in the Carrs and the play area. 7 bags and 2 traffic cones were collected altogether.

On Wednesday morning a volunteer finished off some litter picking on Altrincham Road between Racecourse Road and Gorsey Road.  In the afternoon 4 volunteers met at Summerfields and collected 11 bags of rubbish plus various advertising posters, hub caps etc.

On Thursday a volunteer collected a bag of rubbish on Lindow Common including lots of historical litter from the undergrowth. There were lots of drinks cans discarded near the paths and lots of dog poo bags.  The benches in the common attract a lot of littering.  There also seem to be strange goings on with washing powder!

On Friday morning a volunteer went back and finished a stretch of Altrincham Road. Having cleaned this stretch on Monday, it is disappointing at how much new litter has already been thrown from car windows. 4 bags were collected in total.

wilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 sainsburys car parkOn Friday afternoon 3 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s car park and collected 2 bags. Another volunteer went back to the litter hot spot at Mobberley Road. He collected 1 bag on Altrincham Road and another in the triangle of land at the junction.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Friday evening 6th Wilmslow Scouts met at the Leisure Centre and collected 10 bags of rubbish around the pond area. The Clean Team also collected some litter.  This area is a hotspot for laughing gas bottles – well over 60 were picked up during the evening.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Saturday morning 3 volunteers met at the Coach & Four and litter picked in and around the town centre – e.g. Alderley Road, Sainsbury’s car park, The Library, Parkway etc. We collected 7 bags of rubbish.

In the afternoon a member of the Clean Team commenced a clean up of the Spring Street Multi-storey Car Park (off Water Lane) .  Of the 8 levels , they cleaned the top 3 levels and collected 6 bags of rubbish.  They plan to complete the clean up of this site during week commencing  Monday 23rd March

On Saturday evening a few of us met up at The Coach & Four for a few well earned drinks.

Our last event of the week was a free screening of the film “Trashed” at The Old Dancer. This is a hard hitting documentary, presented by Jeremy Irons, about the problems of waste on a global scale.

ilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 romany societyDuring the week the members of the Romany Society did a litter pick in the Romany Memorial Garden off South Drive opposite the Library




Well done to everyone involved.  We worked extremely hard and the town is looking a lot better as a result.

Xmas drinks – Coach & Four 22nd December 2014

Wilmslow Clean Team Christmas drinks 2014 at Coach and FourA few of our volunteers got together at the Coach & Four in Wilmslow tonight for some Christmas drinks.  It is just over a year since our very first litter pick.  Despite only having a small number of dedicated volunteers we have had an amazing year collecting about 650 bags of rubbish. We have worked hard throughout the year but we have made time for social events too. The Coach & Four made us very welcome tonight and even gave us a bottle of fizz which we really appreciated.

Happy Christmas to all our volunteers and supporters and here’s to an equally successful 2015!

1st Birthday Party

Wilmslow Clean Team 1st Birthday Party 14th October 2014It was our first birthday party on 14th October 2014 and so we had a party to celebrate.  Thanks to the Old Dancer on Grove Street for allowing us use of the upstairs room.



Wilmslow Clean Team 1st Birthday CakeThe photos show some of the volunteers celebrating along with a display board showing some of our work and achievements.  Big thanks to Daisy for making us a cake (nom nom nom).




Wilmslow Clean Team 1st Birthday Party Display BoardIt has been a good year.  We have organised over 30 scheduled litter picking events and collected over 600 bags of rubbish.  Volunteers have also picked litter outside of the scheduled events.  We believe that we are making a difference and that Wilmslow is becoming a much cleaner place.