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News Update : 31-DEC-22

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

5 volunteers met at Bank Square, on Wednesday 7th December, on a cold but sunny morning. We covered Bollin Link, the Station,  the Leisure Centre, the rail side path, the town centre, Hawthorn Lane and Prestbury Road – collecting at least 11 bags

Unfortunately, the snow meant that there was no litter pick on Saturday 10th December.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Emailed our members with details of the “soft plastic” facilities available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and the Co-op

d) Emailed ANSA to explore whether their budget would stretch to the installation of CEC litter bin at the most easterly pedestrian entrance to Lindow Common

e) Collected a cheque for £300 from the Skipton Building Society office in Grove Street to help us with the funding of litter pick trolleys (more info below). These trolleys cost nearly £200 and so we really welcome this financial support from Skipton.

f) Sent thank you emails to our co-sponsors whose donations have also helped us purchase the first (of hopefully many) litter picking trolleys. The trolleys will allow us to collect more litter, divide recyclable items from the rubbish and leave us less tired after a litter pick as full bags with even a few bottles and cans get very heavy.

Litter Trolley Skipton Wilmslow Litter Trolley Big Fish Wilmslow Litter Trolley Castletons Accountants Wilmslow Litter Trolley E-Cig World Wilmslow Litter Trolley Mark Rogers Wilmslow









g) Updated the bag count totals on our Website.  The annual total for 2022 was 381 – bringing our total to date to 3994.  This is a fantastic achievement – well done everyone

Hope to see you at the January  picks.

Litter Picking Summary 6th -> 9th July 2016

wilmslow clean team bank square litter cleanOn Wednesday 6th July, 10 volunteers (including two new volunteers from Yorkshire Building Society – Michelle and Rebecca) met at Bank Square and collected 14 bags of litter. Some bags of flattened cans were taken away for re-cycling.

The areas/roads covered included Bank Square, Grove Street, Swan Street, Station Road, Green Lane, St Ann’s Parade (and the service road behind here), part of Alderley Road, Leisure Centre grounds (and path behind that leads to railway station), Station forecourt, Broadway Meadows car park,  the un-named link road to A34 by-pass and roundabout by Polar Ford, the passageway between Broadway and Parkway, Grove Avenue, Hawthorn Lane, Kennerley’s Lane, Albert Road, Victoria Road and Chapel Lane.

Other volunteers collected an additional 3 bags of litter in various parts of Wilmslow including Gravel Lane, Knutsford Road and Priory Road,

Many thanks to the Yorkshire Building Society for their help with the litter picking – and their involvement in the dramatic rescue of a hedgehog at Wilmslow Leisure Centre.

wilmslow clean team tesco express litter cleanWe asked Tesco Express if they would arrange to clear the rubbish which has accumulated over many years at the foot of the external fire escape metal staircase. The issue is that litter has been pushed through the railings which guard the staircase, so is totally inaccessible without the gate being open, but which is also highly visible. Fortunately, the gate was open today for some maintenace work. A member of Tesco’s staff, Sharon, took immediate responsibility and said she would clear the litter immediately. 2 of our volunteers, Colin and Chris offered to help, and, between us all, we filled 4 bags (see photo)! Sharon said she would now keep an eye on this area and clean when necessary, each time the maintenance engineer arrives.

Finally, in an eventful morning, another of our volunteers, Sally, picked up a donation of £295 from Waitrose as part of their “Community Matters” programme.  We are very grateful for this money as our funds were running a bit low.

On Saturday 9th July, 4 intrepid volunteers braved torrential rain and litter picked in and around Lacey Green Park.

7 bags of litter were left for collection by the Barlow road entrance to the park and some flattened cans were taken for re-cycling.

So – 24 more bags of litter removed from the streets of WIlmlsow. Well done everyone!

Thanks once again to our volunteers and to the businesses who support our efforts.

Waitrose “Community Matters” Cheque For £540

Waitrose and Clean Team 07th Oct 2015Waitrose Clean Team Cheque for £540.00





We were delighted to receive a cheque for £540 from Waitrose as part of their “Community Matters” programme.  We would like to thank everyone who used their tokens to vote for us.  The money is very welcome as our funds were getting a bit low.  Equally important is the recognition that we are a valued group within the town and the extra exposure to the work that we are doing to improve Wilmslow.

Litter Picking Summary – Wednesday 7th January 2015

7 volunteers turned out for the first litter pick of 2015 – split into 2 groups.
2 of the volunteers targetted The Carnival Fields, collecting up lots of bags of general rubbish, some larger items and a couple of matressess!
The other 5 met in Bank Square and focussed on the town centre. The areas covered include Church Street, Grove Street, Alderley Road, Grove Avenue, Hawthorne Lane, Manchester Road, Green Lane, Swan street, Hawthorne Grove, the railway station, the Leisure Centre and St Anne`s Parade.  They collected around 6 bags of litter and returned 2 shopping trolleys to Waitrose.
Well done everyone !