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News Update : 01-JUN-24

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks (which formed part of our “Spring Clean” 2024 week) :

There was a small turn out on Wednesday 1st May despite the nice weather.  We met at The Parish Hall and collected 4 bags.

Once again there was only a small turn out on Saturday 4th May.  We met at The Honey Bee and collected 6 bags.

b) Held an extra “Spring Clean” pick.  We met in Sainsbury’s car park on Monday 29th April.  We collected at least 15 bags.  We then went to the Coach and Four for some drinks and a chat.

c) Continued with our solo picks.

d) Reported some fly tipping (at the rear of Broadway Meadow car park) to Cheshire East

e) Continued support for a local student, Joe, who is doing a fantastic job as part of the volunteering section of his Duke of Edinburgh award.

f) Stuart attended the annual town meeting and represented the clean team – presenting information about our activities.

g) Received notification about the “Wilmslow In Bloom” judging day – which will be on 02-JUL-24.  We normally try to clean up the town and the judging route in advance.  We will send out a request for help nearer the time.

h) Received some poster designs from Wilmslow High School pupils.  We will be reviewing these and potentially using them in some signage around the town.

i) Received information from Terry Burgess at CETRA (Colshaw Estate Tenants and Residents Association).  They have re-arranged their big clean up weekend in early June.  We have a schedule pick in the Summerfields area on Wednesday 05-JUN-24 but Terry has asked if we could also help out on Sunday 09-JUN-24 – even if it is just for an hour or so.

j) Had confirmation from our web hosting company that the website will be migrated sometime before 05-JUN-24.  There may be some disruption as part of this exercise – and it is possible that we may struggle to send/receive emails whilst any issues are resolved.  Fingers crossed that the website carries on working !

News Update : 28-JAN-23

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

3 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Wednesday 4th January.  We covered the surrounding area and collected at least 6 bags.

We emailed our members to cancel the pick on Saturday 7th Jan due to heavy rain. However, 5 hardy volunteers turned up at Lindow Common just as the rain was easing off.  We collected at least 9 bags.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Performed a successful initial trial of our new trolley – which allows for easy separation of recyclable and non-recyclable items

d) Held initial talks with the local Round Table who made contact via Facebook.  It looks like they will be kindly donating £200 so that we can purchase another trolley. We also confirmed that we would consider assisting with the clean-up exercise after the annual fireworks display at Carnival Fields (for a further donation).

e) Continued supporting a student at WHS who is litter picking for their Duke of Edinburgh award

Hope to see you at the February picks.

News Update : 29-OCT-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

4 volunteers met at Bank Square on a very wet Wednesday 5th October. We covered the town centre, collecting 8 bags and some other debris including 2 stainless steel platters and 3 frying pans!

10 volunteers met outside at Lacey Green Park on Saturday 8th October. We covered the surrounding area. It was lovely to see some new volunteers and 2 children.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b)Continued with our solo picks.

c) Altogether this month we have collected at least 23 bags.

d) Liaised with a Wilmslow High School student who is keen to do litter picking as the “volunteering” section of their Duke of Edinburgh award.

e) Contacted ANSA about the removal of a satellite dish on Altrincham Road

Hope to see you at the November picks.

News Update : 27-JUN-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

10 volunteers met on Summerfields on Wednesday 1st June. We collected 14 bags. The usual areas were covered from our base at Summerfields, with Colshaw Drive, and the roads off it, providing the greatest amount to be picked.

6 participants met at Banks Square on Saturday 4th June. We focussed on the town centre including the station, the Leisure Centre, Church St, Cliff Road, Grove Ave., Water Lane, Sainsburys/library and the Bollin Link.  We collected 7 bags.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Reported a fly tipping incident to ANSA : a large fridge-freezer abandoned near the A34 footbridge.

d) Continued attempts to contact the relevant body in order to get a sunken shopping trolley removed from the river Bollin.

e) Reported a burnt out bin (at the corner of Leaside Way and the Prestbury Link Rd) to ANSAWilmslow Clean Team Burnt Out Litter Bin





f) Discussion with the “Wilmslow In Bloom” team about the annual judging on Monday 4th July.

g) Updated the bag count on the website : 265 bags so far this year.

h) Between January and May 2022, we have been supporting two female WHS students complete their community volunteering section of the DofE Bronze Award Scheme.  The girls each carried out 13 one hour litter picking sessions around the Sainsbury’s Car Park and the public for path that runs along the railway tracks behind the high school.  In total they collected 26 bags of litter. These locations were chosen to demonstrate to the girls how litter is repeatedly being dropped in the same locations, and that most of it is being dropped by their peers. They said that his has ‘opened their eyes’ and shocked them. It has given them an increased awareness that they intend to use to try and change the attitudes of their peers wherever they can. A Fantastic effort – and hopefully there will be other similar initiatives in the future.

Hope to see you at the July picks.

News Update : 29-MAY-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

5 volunteers met at The Parish Hall on a very wet morning on Wednesday 4th May.  We covered the surrounding area including The Carrs, Cliff Road, The Bollin Link and Lacey Green.  We collected 4 bags. We were delighted to welcome a new volunteer (Judith)

Wilmslow Clean Team Altrincham Road May 20225 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Saturday 7th May. We covered Altrincham Road and the area around the airport tunnels. We collected around 6 bags and some debris



Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Held a joint litter picking exercise with Hickory’s (one of our leading co-sponsors) on Tuesday 24th May. Despite the poor weather 5 of our volunteers spent an hour focussing on the area from Hickory’s to Waters and collected 6 bags.  We then handed the reins over to a group of 12 from Hickory’s who focussed on the Lindow Common area. They had a great time collecting a further 6 bags, a burst tyre and a number plate. This was a very successfully joint exercise. Many thanks to Hickory’s for their ongoing support and for the courtesy coffees.

d) Liaised with the Halifax whose staff are planning on attending our scheduled pick on Saturday 4th June.  Really encouraging to have another business getting involved.

e) Began an exercise to review our current insurance provider and explore alternatives

f) Updated the bag count on the website. We collected over 50 bags in both March and April. This includes a contribution by some high school pupils who are doing their Duke of Edinburgh award.

Hope to see you at the June picks.

News Update : 03-APR-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

6 volunteers met at The Farmer’s Arms on Wednesday 2nd March.  We covered Chapel Lane and the surrounding area including the side roads near Kenmore Medical Centre. We also covered the areas around Bollin Link, Buckingham Road and Lindow Common. We were pleased to welcome a new volunteer (Dorothy). We collected 8 bags altogether.

Wilmslow Clean Team - Summerfieds 05-MAR-226 volunteers met at Summerfields  on Saturday 5th March. We covered the surrounding area including Colshaw Drive and Kingsbury Drive.  This area is a litter hot spot and we collected a big haul of 13 bags.



b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Held a committee meeting. Highlights include :

i) Reviewed our accounts.
ii) Discussed the annual “Spring Clean” this year – and voted against organising one this year. Hopefully we will be back on track in 2023.
iii)  Agreed to apply for a grant to help fund some trolleys – to help make litter picking accessible to more people.

Wilmslow Clean Team Window Stickeriv) Reviewed our “co-sponsor” initiative which is going very well – you may have seen our window stickers appearing in the town.



v) Agreed to set up a working party to review the best options for our annual insurance.
vi) Reviewed membership activity.  38 out of our 78 members have been actively involved in litter picking over the past 6 months.  We have had 9 new members.  Well done to everyone – but especially our chairman, Chris Evans, who leads the field with 12 picks.
vii) Discussed our annual involvement in helping clean up after the Wilmslow Show.  We will probably man a stand at this year’s event too – on 3rd July

d)  Corresponded with a group of Wilmslow High School pupils who are competing in a national competition called “Young Enterprise”.  Their aim is connect the community through cooking and baking – and they are doing a 10 minute litter pick for every recipe they receive.

Hope to see you at the April picks.

Spring Clean Week 2015 Summary

Wilmslow High School Girls Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015Wilmslow Clean Team organised the annual Spring Clean week.  ItWilmslow High School Boys Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015 ran from Monday 16th March until Sunday 23rd March.

Wilmslow High School participated during the week.  A group of students went out litter picking 3 times during the week and collected a total of 6 bags.

On Monday 16th March, 7 Clean Team volunteers met at Lindow Common.  One volunteer cleaned Racecourse Road whilst some tackled Altrincham Road.  Some volunteers headed off towards the Honey Bee.  We tackled part of a litter hot spot reported by a member of the public near at the Mobberley Road junction but some of it was too difficult to get at. Other volunteers went down to the Britannia Hotel.  There are some really bad litter problem areas near the hotel – some of which were so bad that we had to call in the council to clear them up. Others are on private land and it’s not clear who we would report it to.  The total haul was around 24 bags of rubbish, TV parts, car parts etc.

On Tuesday evening 5 volunteers met at the Parish Hall and litter picked in the Carrs and the play area. 7 bags and 2 traffic cones were collected altogether.

On Wednesday morning a volunteer finished off some litter picking on Altrincham Road between Racecourse Road and Gorsey Road.  In the afternoon 4 volunteers met at Summerfields and collected 11 bags of rubbish plus various advertising posters, hub caps etc.

On Thursday a volunteer collected a bag of rubbish on Lindow Common including lots of historical litter from the undergrowth. There were lots of drinks cans discarded near the paths and lots of dog poo bags.  The benches in the common attract a lot of littering.  There also seem to be strange goings on with washing powder!

On Friday morning a volunteer went back and finished a stretch of Altrincham Road. Having cleaned this stretch on Monday, it is disappointing at how much new litter has already been thrown from car windows. 4 bags were collected in total.

wilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 sainsburys car parkOn Friday afternoon 3 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s car park and collected 2 bags. Another volunteer went back to the litter hot spot at Mobberley Road. He collected 1 bag on Altrincham Road and another in the triangle of land at the junction.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Friday evening 6th Wilmslow Scouts met at the Leisure Centre and collected 10 bags of rubbish around the pond area. The Clean Team also collected some litter.  This area is a hotspot for laughing gas bottles – well over 60 were picked up during the evening.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Saturday morning 3 volunteers met at the Coach & Four and litter picked in and around the town centre – e.g. Alderley Road, Sainsbury’s car park, The Library, Parkway etc. We collected 7 bags of rubbish.

In the afternoon a member of the Clean Team commenced a clean up of the Spring Street Multi-storey Car Park (off Water Lane) .  Of the 8 levels , they cleaned the top 3 levels and collected 6 bags of rubbish.  They plan to complete the clean up of this site during week commencing  Monday 23rd March

On Saturday evening a few of us met up at The Coach & Four for a few well earned drinks.

Our last event of the week was a free screening of the film “Trashed” at The Old Dancer. This is a hard hitting documentary, presented by Jeremy Irons, about the problems of waste on a global scale.

ilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 romany societyDuring the week the members of the Romany Society did a litter pick in the Romany Memorial Garden off South Drive opposite the Library




Well done to everyone involved.  We worked extremely hard and the town is looking a lot better as a result.

Mini Litter Pick Summary – 30th June 2014

An extra litter pick was held today with a couple of Clean Team volunteers ably assisted by a year 9 student from Wilmslow High School who was volunteering as part of “Commonwealth Week”.

We focussed on Knutsford Road (from the Kings Arms down to Lindow Church), Alderley Road (from the Kings Arms to the A34 roundabout), Bedells Lane, Chapel Lane, South Oak Lane, Stoney Lane and Prestbury Road.

We collected 7 bags of rubbish.

Thanks everyone.