News Update : 28-JAN-23

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

3 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Wednesday 4th January.  We covered the surrounding area and collected at least 6 bags.

We emailed our members to cancel the pick on Saturday 7th Jan due to heavy rain. However, 5 hardy volunteers turned up at Lindow Common just as the rain was easing off.  We collected at least 9 bags.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Performed a successful initial trial of our new trolley – which allows for easy separation of recyclable and non-recyclable items

d) Held initial talks with the local Round Table who made contact via Facebook.  It looks like they will be kindly donating £200 so that we can purchase another trolley. We also confirmed that we would consider assisting with the clean-up exercise after the annual fireworks display at Carnival Fields (for a further donation).

e) Continued supporting a student at WHS who is litter picking for their Duke of Edinburgh award

Hope to see you at the February picks.