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Summary Of Spring Clean 2019

Four formal litter picks were organised by the Wilmslow Clean Team during our Spring Clean week which ran from 1st April to the 7th April 2019. Some of our volunteers also contributed by going out on their own. Our spring clean fell nicely into the month long “Great British Spring Clean” initiative organised by Keep Britain Tidy

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2019 - Dean Row10 volunteers met at The Unicorn in Dean Row on Monday 1st April for an hour long, evening pick. We focused on the surrounding area.  Some volunteers headed off to Summerfields.  Another drove further afield and picked from Prestbury Road, down to the Bollin and up as far as Wilmslow Park North – an area we haven’t covered much before and which was particularly bad. We collected 15 bags altogether and some hub caps. Some of us enjoyed a well earned drink in The Unicorn afterwards. We were very pleased to welcome 4 new volunteers. Thanks to The Unicorn for allowing us to use the car park.

On Wednesday 3rd April we met at Lindow Common. 11 volunteers collected 16 bags in the surrounding area. Again, we were delighted to welcome a new volunteer. 6 of us went to the Boddington Arms afterwards. We would like to thank them for providing us with a complementary hot drink – it was really appreciated.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2019 - Prestbury Road9 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Saturday 6th April. We covered the surrounding area including Alderley Road, Knutsford Road and Chapel Lane. 2 volunteers drove further afield and picked Prestbury Road.  10 bags were collected altogether.  We would like to thank the Kings Arms for the use of their car park and for the offer of a hot drink (although I think we all had to head home after the pick). We reported some fly tipping on Prestbury Road to ANSA

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2019 - Stanneylands RoadOur final Spring Clean pick was on Sunday 7th April. 7 volunteers met at Wilmslow Garden Centre. We covered the surrounding roads and woods. 2 volunteers drove down Stanneylands Road and covered the area from the hotel, down to the river and up the other side. This area was one of the worst we have seen. It’s not an area we cover very often but we very quickly filled 4 bags of litter and a whole bag of recyclables. The litter was just everywhere in what is a really picturesque part of the town. It’s possible that the huge house building exercise is contributing to the problem – we will have to monitor this situation. We collected 14 bags altogether along with a few hub caps. Thanks to the garden centre for the use of their car park.

So – a massive haul of 54 bags at our formal Spring Clean picks.  The total bag count in the last month is 60 and our total so far in 2019 is 165.

Thanks to everyone who came to the litter picks or supported us in other ways in what was a very successful Spring Clean.

As well as running our own litter picks, we have also been pushing ANSA to litter pick the A34 bypass.  We were pleased to see this happening last week.

Summary Of Spring Clean 2018

Four formal litter picks were organised by the the Wilmslow Clean Team during our Spring Clean week which ran from 2nd April to the 8th April 2018. Some of our volunteers also contributed by going out on their own (e.g. on Alderley Road, Knutsford Road Morley Green Road and Mobberley Road).

wilmslow spring clean 2018 wednesday lindow common11 volunteers met at Lindow Common on Wednesday 4th April. We focused on the surrounding area including Altrincham Road. We collected a huge total of around 30 bags. We are very grateful to the Boddington Arms (Harvester) for providing us with complementary hot drinks afterwards.  Many thanks to Leanne and Holiday Inn Hotels for their ongoing support with the litter picking and for supplying us with some labels for our rubbish bags.

Around 10 volunteers met at the junction of Moor Lane and Cumber Lane – for an evening litter pick.  This was an area we had not really tackled before.  We spread out in various directions and covered Rotherwood Rd, Moor Lane, Cumber Lane, Chapel Lane, the area around Lindow School, Morley Lane bridle path (Rotherwood Lane), the paths leading to the top of Strawberry Lane, Arlington Way and Knutsford Road. We also sent a car over to tackle Sainsbury’s car park. We collected around 17 bags in the hour or so that we were out and about.  We then retreated to The Horse & Jockey for a well earned drink and a chat. We would like to thank our MP, Esther McVey, for helping us with this litter pick and for the publicity she gave to our Spring Clean on Twitter.

wilmslow spring clean 2018 saturday sainsburys10 volunteers met at The King’s Arms on a damp Saturday morning. We covered Alderley Road, Holly Road South, Holly Road North, Parkway, Broadway, The Leisure Centre, Knutsford Road amd the town centre. We collected about 13 bags of litter and a fly tipped car seat. Many thanks to The King’s Arms for letting us use their car park and for the offer of a hot drink.


wilmslow spring clean 2018 sunday summerfields10 volunteers met at Wilmslow Garden Centre on Sunday 8th April.  It was great to welcome 2 new volunteers to this event. We also had a 3rd new volunteer who picked up some equipment so that he can do some litter picking in his local area (Macclesfield Road , Wilmslow Park / Bollin Valley).  We covered Manchester Road, the children’s park off Dean Drive and the wooded valley behind, the wooded area to the north of the Garden Centre car park, Staneylands Road and Colshaw Drive. We collected about 16 bags altogether plus some recyclables. Many thanks to Wilmslow Garden Centre for allowing us to use their car park.

The total bag haul so far in April is 90 – which is a stunning effort – well done everyone! It’s quite hard pulling all the information together from dozens of emails – so many apologies if we have missed anyone out in the report.

Summary Of Spring Clean 2017

We held 4 litter picks during the 2017 Spring Clean Week.  We collected at least 61 bags of litter + some recyclables – so a brilliant effort all round.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 Adlington RoadSome sparkling weather was welcome on Monday 27th March. 2 new volunteers (Alison and Sara) were amongst the 10 who met at Wilmslow Garden Centre. This was a new venue for us. We collected 24 bags plus 3 bags for recycling. We also alerted ANSA to the carcass of a badger on Stanneylands Road. We covered Manchester Road (from the Blue Bell crossroads north to the boundary with Handforth, and the woodland near this boundary), Dean Drive, Courtney Green, the Arthur Boon park, the un-named cul de sac adjacent and Stanneylands Road (between the hotel and the Styal parish boundary at Linney Bridge, and for some distance up the hill beyond the boundary). Because we have never covered some of this area before there was a lot of very old, deep-seated, litter, especially in the woodland around the park, and down the cul de sac road past the building used by the Army and Air Force cadets, towards the railway viaduct. We heard from a passer-by that someone is regularly fly-tipping drink cans down there.

On Tuesday, one of our volunteers, Sheila, collected 3 bags and a wheel trim on Alderley Road (and the surrounding streets) between the bypass roundabout and the Kings Arms. Donkey Lane and Fulshaw Park.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 The Carrs8 volunteers met at the Parish Hall in the evening on Wednesday 29th March. We were pleased to welcome another new volunteer (Julie). We collected 10 bags and some recyclables. We focussed on surrounding area including The Carrs, Cliff Road, Styal Road and Bollin Hill. We then headed off to The King William for a drink and a chat.


7 volunteers gathered at the Unicorn Pub on Adlington Road on Friday 31st March. We  collected 12 bags of litter from in and around the Dean Row area.  Again – this was a new location for us. We covered Lees Road (on both sides down as far as the Wilmslow boundary), Adlington Road (down as far as Browns Lane and then into Cross Lane), Chapel Road and Woodford Road (down as far as the Wilmslow boundary). It was great to welcome 2 local Dean Row councillors : Ian Furguson and Frank McCarthy.  We would also like to than the landlady of the Unicorn for kindly offering us tea or coffee which we enjoyed when arrived back at the pub.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 SinsburysOn Sunday 2nd April, 5 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s and we were so pleased to be joined by a 12 year old girl who had read about the Spring Clean and brought her mum along – what a star!  We collected 11 bags altogether. We would like to thank Sainsbury’s for the free ice creams that they brought out – very welcome on a warm afternoon. Thanks to the Coach & Four for the offer of free teas – most of us had to dash off – so apologies if no-one turned up. We also heard that Ruth and Rod had collected a bag of litter from in and around the Rectory pond and from the wilderness by Sainsbury’s car park – much of which they took home to recycle.

Many thanks to everyone who helped during the week either on the organised litter picks or individually.  It was especially nice to welcome some new volunteers.  Thanks also to the local businesses who offered us support (parking, refreshments etc).

Summary Of Spring Clean 2016

Our annual Spring Clean was organised slightly earlier than usual so that we could align some of the litter picks with the national “Clean For The Queen” campaign.

Sunday 28th Feb

Rubbish On Private Land Old Post OfficeOn Sunday 28th of February, 2 of our volunteers collected 5 bags of rubbish from the passageway near the old Post Office.  There is a lot more rubbish in the area but it is on private land and so outside of our jurisdiction.



Monday 29th Feb

Spring Clean 2016 29th Feb Lindow Common 214 volunteers met at Lindow Common On Monday 29th Feb. The focus was on Altrincham Road from Lindow Common to Waters. We collected about 20 bags of rubbish along with various bits of metal.

We were delighted that 6 of the volunteers were new – and we would be pleased to welcome them back at future litter picks.

We would like to thank the Yorkshire Building Society, and Gary in particular, for their support on this litter pick.

We would also like to thank the Co-op at the Texaco Petrol station for providing hot drinks to our volunteers.

Wednesday 2nd March

Spring Clean 2016 2nd March Bank SquareDespite the cold, windy weather (rain + hail & snow) eight hardy individuals met at Bank Square on Wednesday 2nd March. We focussed on the surrounding area and the Leisure Centre.  22 bags were collected altogether and left in Bank Square and at the Leisure Centre for the council to collect.

It was good to see 2 new volunteers.

Spring Clean 2016 Leisure Centre 2nd MarchWe would like to thank the Yorkshire Building Society, and Jane in particular, for their support on this litter pick.

Many thanks to Delta Watch from the Wilmslow Fire Brigade who also came along to support us.   See the article about firefighters helping clean for the queen or Wilmslow Guardian Firefighters Article articles for more details.

We would also like to thank the Slug and Lettuce on Water Lane for offering to provide hot drinks to our volunteers.

Spring Clean 2016 2nd March Lindow Explorers Spring Street Car ParkOn Wednesday evening a large group of voluneers from Lindow Explorers collected several several bags of rubbish in the Spring Street Car Park and the surrounding area.  A fantastic effort – well done.



Friday 4th March

Heavy snow caused the cancellation of our planned litter pick in Lacey Green on Friday 4th March.

Saturday 5th March

Despite the weather, our litter pick on Saturday 5th March went ahead. 8 intrepid volunteers turned out along with another welcome appearance from the firefighters.

Thanks to Dean Row Community Centre, and Derek in particular, for allowing us to use their facilities for our make hot drinks and biscuits.  We collected 20 bags plus a bicycle wheel and part of a sweeping brush.

We are going to be talking to the Riversie Group to find out if we can get any more support for the Colshaw Farm estate (e.g. local resident’s groups) because the amount of rubbish is quite daunting.

Sunday 6th March

The final litter pick was on Sunday 6th March.  7 volunteers turned out on a nice sunny afternoon and collected 12 bags of rubbish.  We covered the Sainsbury’s / Hoopers car parks, the raised flower beds near BP, the shop fronts on Alderley Road and Gorsey Road.

Thanks to Costa Coffee for offering to provide drinks to our volunteers.  We didn’t take up the offer this time as it was Mother’s Day.


Spring Clean 2016 29th Feb Lindow CommonThe weather tried its best to disrupt us – but it was still a very successful week.  We collected about 85 bags of rubbish during the Spring Clean week.  As well as the regular volunteer base we also had help and support from some newbies,  some local comminity groups and some local businesses (either helping pick litter or profiding refreshments).  We also did our bit for the national “Clean For The Queen” campaign.  Well done everyone and thanks for your hard work.

Spring Clean Week 2015 Summary

Wilmslow High School Girls Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015Wilmslow Clean Team organised the annual Spring Clean week.  ItWilmslow High School Boys Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015 ran from Monday 16th March until Sunday 23rd March.

Wilmslow High School participated during the week.  A group of students went out litter picking 3 times during the week and collected a total of 6 bags.

On Monday 16th March, 7 Clean Team volunteers met at Lindow Common.  One volunteer cleaned Racecourse Road whilst some tackled Altrincham Road.  Some volunteers headed off towards the Honey Bee.  We tackled part of a litter hot spot reported by a member of the public near at the Mobberley Road junction but some of it was too difficult to get at. Other volunteers went down to the Britannia Hotel.  There are some really bad litter problem areas near the hotel – some of which were so bad that we had to call in the council to clear them up. Others are on private land and it’s not clear who we would report it to.  The total haul was around 24 bags of rubbish, TV parts, car parts etc.

On Tuesday evening 5 volunteers met at the Parish Hall and litter picked in the Carrs and the play area. 7 bags and 2 traffic cones were collected altogether.

On Wednesday morning a volunteer finished off some litter picking on Altrincham Road between Racecourse Road and Gorsey Road.  In the afternoon 4 volunteers met at Summerfields and collected 11 bags of rubbish plus various advertising posters, hub caps etc.

On Thursday a volunteer collected a bag of rubbish on Lindow Common including lots of historical litter from the undergrowth. There were lots of drinks cans discarded near the paths and lots of dog poo bags.  The benches in the common attract a lot of littering.  There also seem to be strange goings on with washing powder!

On Friday morning a volunteer went back and finished a stretch of Altrincham Road. Having cleaned this stretch on Monday, it is disappointing at how much new litter has already been thrown from car windows. 4 bags were collected in total.

wilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 sainsburys car parkOn Friday afternoon 3 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s car park and collected 2 bags. Another volunteer went back to the litter hot spot at Mobberley Road. He collected 1 bag on Altrincham Road and another in the triangle of land at the junction.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Friday evening 6th Wilmslow Scouts met at the Leisure Centre and collected 10 bags of rubbish around the pond area. The Clean Team also collected some litter.  This area is a hotspot for laughing gas bottles – well over 60 were picked up during the evening.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Saturday morning 3 volunteers met at the Coach & Four and litter picked in and around the town centre – e.g. Alderley Road, Sainsbury’s car park, The Library, Parkway etc. We collected 7 bags of rubbish.

In the afternoon a member of the Clean Team commenced a clean up of the Spring Street Multi-storey Car Park (off Water Lane) .  Of the 8 levels , they cleaned the top 3 levels and collected 6 bags of rubbish.  They plan to complete the clean up of this site during week commencing  Monday 23rd March

On Saturday evening a few of us met up at The Coach & Four for a few well earned drinks.

Our last event of the week was a free screening of the film “Trashed” at The Old Dancer. This is a hard hitting documentary, presented by Jeremy Irons, about the problems of waste on a global scale.

ilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 romany societyDuring the week the members of the Romany Society did a litter pick in the Romany Memorial Garden off South Drive opposite the Library




Well done to everyone involved.  We worked extremely hard and the town is looking a lot better as a result.