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Litter Picking Summary 7th + 10th March 2018

wilmslow clean team march 2018 summerfields13 volunteers met at Summerfields on Wednesday 7th March. We focused on the surrounding area including Colshaw Drive.

The litter on the banks down to the railway tracks from the bridge on Dean Row Road is really bad. We have reported this to Network Rail and received a very positive – they are aiming to clean all this up in the 2nd week of April.

wilmslow clean team march 2018 canistersWe also reported an area of land near the railway bridge to Cheshire East (ANSA) because 2 whole bags were filled up with empty beer and wine bottles. ANSA confirmed that this is the back entrance to Wilmslow Cemetery and have flagged it up as an area where anti-social behaviour taking place.  We also found lots of empty nitrous oxide canisters.


We found some really disgusting areas where dozens of bagged up dog poo bags had been left in hedgerows and hanging on trees. This is unfortunately a common experience. Dog owners need to take more responsibility for disposing of their dog poo bags.

Many thanks to the Q Hotels team from Mottram Hall. They have helped us in the past and it was great to welcome 3 of their staff who came to help us on this litter pick.

We collected a total of 19 bags of litter and other debris. These 2 events were used to support the nationwide “Great British Spring Clean” event which is organised annually by “Keep Britain Tidy”.

9 volunteers met in the Anthology car park on Saturday 10th March. We spread out and covered various parts of the town centre.  The areas around the Railway Station and around Sainsbury’s/the Library were particularly badly littered.  We popped into Anthology afterwards for refreshment.

We would like to thank Anthology for allowing us to use their car park for our town centre litter picks. We really appreciate this.

We collected around 20 bags.

So – we collected 39 bags in our scheduled picks, but there has been a lot of activity recently including a blitz on Burleyhurst Lane in Mobberley and some solo picking by our volunteers.  We have collected 72 bags, since the last month’s report, which is amazing.

Well done and thanks to everyone involved.

Litter Picking Summary 6th->9th April 2016

Wilmslow Clean Team April 2016 Litter In Pond Liner9 volunteers, including some of our newer members, braved the hail on Wednesday 6th April and met at Lindow Common.  We covered Lindow Common, Racecourse Road, parts of Kings Road and Gorsey Road, Priory Road, and Altrincham Road (both sides), from Gorsey Bank School to the Waters Corporation roundabout.

We met with the manager of the new Harvester Restaurant (and appreciated the offer of a free hot drink) to discuss their overflowing litter bins. The bins are owned by the Premier Inn but their manager thinks that rubbish is being deposited by the Harvester customers. Both managers will be addressing this problem. We decided to empty the two bins ourselves, rather than see the rubbish start to blow everywhere.

Altogether we collected 15 bags, a discarded pond liner, 4 sandbags, and various other detritus. This was all taken away by ANSA.

We also met a CEC Ranger, who told us how pleased he is with all of our help. He pointed out the area of the Common closed off by tape, immediately to the south of the car park, and indicated that, although litter is visible in amongst the thicket there, we should not go in. This is the site of one of the Victorian rubbish tips, next to the old Green Lake, and it was disturbed recently by one of the CEC landscape contractors by mistake. This will have to bulldozed in again.

In addition to our 2 scheduled picks this month, our volunteers have been out and about on their own. Sheila collected lots of old bottles and cans in the field by the railway arch near the A34 bypass.  Viv collected 2 bags around Carnival Fields, Gorsey Road, Priory Road and Manor Road. Dog mess has become a real problem in Carnival Fields this year because some people have started to throw the bags into the bushes.

On Saturday 6th April, 6 volunteers turned out on a lovely spring morning.  We would like to thank the King’s Arms for the use of their car park and the offer of a hot drink.  We covered the surrounding area including Alderley Road, the by-pass roundabout, Knutsford Road, Bedells Lane, part of Chapel Lane, Albert Road, Victoria Road and Holly Road.  We collected
14 bags, some hub caps and various various other bits and pieces. These were left next to 2 of the bins by the bus stops on Alderley Road and the council have been informed so that they can collect.

Finally, we have been told that the marshalls for the Wilmslow Half Marathon, plus members of Wilmslow Running Club, take litter clearance after the event has finished, very seriously and have tried to clean up along the whole of the course. This includes picking up litter which was already there before the Half Marathon took place.  We would like to thank them for their efforts.  Another of our volunteers, Jill, collected 2 bags in the area around Pownall Park on Sunday 3rd and again on Tuesday 5th. It was obvious that there had been a really good “post marathon” effort ahead of her.

So – 29 bags were collected at our formal litter picks this month plus at least 5 more from individuals.

Thanks for all your hard work everyone – apologies if your efforts haven’t been mentioned individually – but we do appreciate them.


Spring Clean Week 2015 Summary

Wilmslow High School Girls Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015Wilmslow Clean Team organised the annual Spring Clean week.  ItWilmslow High School Boys Litter Picking Spring Clean Week 2015 ran from Monday 16th March until Sunday 23rd March.

Wilmslow High School participated during the week.  A group of students went out litter picking 3 times during the week and collected a total of 6 bags.

On Monday 16th March, 7 Clean Team volunteers met at Lindow Common.  One volunteer cleaned Racecourse Road whilst some tackled Altrincham Road.  Some volunteers headed off towards the Honey Bee.  We tackled part of a litter hot spot reported by a member of the public near at the Mobberley Road junction but some of it was too difficult to get at. Other volunteers went down to the Britannia Hotel.  There are some really bad litter problem areas near the hotel – some of which were so bad that we had to call in the council to clear them up. Others are on private land and it’s not clear who we would report it to.  The total haul was around 24 bags of rubbish, TV parts, car parts etc.

On Tuesday evening 5 volunteers met at the Parish Hall and litter picked in the Carrs and the play area. 7 bags and 2 traffic cones were collected altogether.

On Wednesday morning a volunteer finished off some litter picking on Altrincham Road between Racecourse Road and Gorsey Road.  In the afternoon 4 volunteers met at Summerfields and collected 11 bags of rubbish plus various advertising posters, hub caps etc.

On Thursday a volunteer collected a bag of rubbish on Lindow Common including lots of historical litter from the undergrowth. There were lots of drinks cans discarded near the paths and lots of dog poo bags.  The benches in the common attract a lot of littering.  There also seem to be strange goings on with washing powder!

On Friday morning a volunteer went back and finished a stretch of Altrincham Road. Having cleaned this stretch on Monday, it is disappointing at how much new litter has already been thrown from car windows. 4 bags were collected in total.

wilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 sainsburys car parkOn Friday afternoon 3 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s car park and collected 2 bags. Another volunteer went back to the litter hot spot at Mobberley Road. He collected 1 bag on Altrincham Road and another in the triangle of land at the junction.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Friday evening 6th Wilmslow Scouts met at the Leisure Centre and collected 10 bags of rubbish around the pond area. The Clean Team also collected some litter.  This area is a hotspot for laughing gas bottles – well over 60 were picked up during the evening.



wilmslow clean team spring clean week 2015 town centreOn Saturday morning 3 volunteers met at the Coach & Four and litter picked in and around the town centre – e.g. Alderley Road, Sainsbury’s car park, The Library, Parkway etc. We collected 7 bags of rubbish.

In the afternoon a member of the Clean Team commenced a clean up of the Spring Street Multi-storey Car Park (off Water Lane) .  Of the 8 levels , they cleaned the top 3 levels and collected 6 bags of rubbish.  They plan to complete the clean up of this site during week commencing  Monday 23rd March

On Saturday evening a few of us met up at The Coach & Four for a few well earned drinks.

Our last event of the week was a free screening of the film “Trashed” at The Old Dancer. This is a hard hitting documentary, presented by Jeremy Irons, about the problems of waste on a global scale.

ilmslow clean team spring clean 2015 romany societyDuring the week the members of the Romany Society did a litter pick in the Romany Memorial Garden off South Drive opposite the Library




Well done to everyone involved.  We worked extremely hard and the town is looking a lot better as a result.

Litter Picking Summary – 4th -> 7th March 2015

Wilmslow Clean Team And Friends Of Lacey Green Park March 20155 volunteers met at the Leisure Centre on Wednesday 4th March and collected a total of 12 bags of litter.
It was disappointing to see the state of the astroturf football area at the Leisure Centre – 3 bags were collected there alone. There was also a lot of broken glass and laughing gas canisters in that area too. The pitch is no longer rented out and it seems that maybe the organisation that runs the Leisure Centre are not taking responsibility for the upkeep of the area.
A lot of litter was found in the border of the Leisure Centre car park and Alderley Road.  Some shrubs have been cut down in this area and a lot of litter was recovered.  We were disappointed by this as we thought that we had removed most of the “historical” litter from this area.
On Saturday 7th March, 5 volunteers from Wilmslow Clean Team met up with a task force from Friends Of Lacey Green Park. We met by the park entrance. The Friends concentrated on the park itself, collecting litter and spraying dog poo yellow.  There is a serious dog poo problem in the park.  The Clean Team spread out around the surrounding roads and paths.  Between us we collected a massive haul of 29 bags plus some other random objects (e.g. the back of a television).  The Friends brought some of their children along.  It was great to see them  involved on this task, especially as they were all really enjoying themselves and thoroughly aware of the problems litter causes.
So – a good start to March with a total of 41 bags collected.
Plans are almost complete for the 2014 Spring Clean Week later in the month – so the monthly total will shoot up.
Well done everyone


Litter Picking Events Summary – 1st->4th October 2014

We are supporting Keep Britain Tidy in a month long, nationwide clean up exercise called “The Big Tidy Up”.

Litter in The Carrs Wilmslow October 2014On Wednesday 1st October, 3 of our volunteers turned out to tidy up the town centre.  They met in Bank square and focussed on the surrounding area.  About 4 bags of litter were collected in the nearby streets. We also did some sweeping to improve the appearance of Bank Square itself.  Another volunteer went out in the evening and collected 3 bags of litter within a 20m distance of the Carrs car park. The photo shows some of this litter before it was collected and bagged up.

Another of our volunteers collected 2 bags of litter on Friday 3rd October on Prestbury Road.

Wilmslow Clean Team volunteers in Pinewood Road on 4th October 2014On Saturday 4th October 5 of our volunteers braved some shocking weather and headed to Pinewood Road.  The streets in the area were generally very clean.  We ended up focussing mainly on Brown’s Lane and on a public footpath off Pinewood Road.  We collected quite a haul of litter considering we called it a day after an hour. The photo shows the rubbish ready for collection by the council.  We collected 8 bags of rubbish and some bigger items. There were lots of drinks bottles (e.g vodka),  dozens of discarded dog poo bags (some of which proudly hung by their irrisponsible owners on tree branches), the usual crisps, cigarette and fizzy drink bottles, car tyres, a garden umbrella, a garden planter, part of a child’s slide etc.

So – a good start to the “Big Tidy Up” month with 17 bags of rubbish collected so far.

Litter Picking Event Summary – 25th August 2014

wilmslow clean team carrs august 20144 volunteers turned up for the third of our 3 litter picks scheduled for August 2014.  We even had a junior volunteer this time who did a brilliant job.

The focus was on the Carrs and surrounding area including the play area, picnic areas, memorial gardens, Manchester Road, Styal Road and Cliff Road.

There is a major problem in the Carrs with discarded baby wipes and irresponsible disposal of dog poo – despite plenty of bins in the area.

About 5 bags of rubbish were collected altogether.