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Wilmslow Improvements Walkabout – Thursday 11th December 2014

Sally, one of our volunteers, represented Wilmslow Clean Team on a walk around the town to identify problem areas and creating a wish list of suggestions that will make the town look better.  Ansa, Cheshire East Council and Wilmslow Town Council and Incredible Edible were also represented.
Here are a couple of litter related suggestions :
  • Pulling out scrubby, prickly bushes in certain areas where litter collects, and replacing with grass  (e.g. the hedge between the bp petrol station and Alderley Road)
  • Installing new bins near the station.
It was good to hear everyone passing on their thanks for the work that the Clean Team are doing

Britain In Bloom 2014

Wilmslow is aiming to do well in the 2014 Britain In Bloom competition.  The judges will be in the town on Thursday 10th July.  The judges will be interested in the quality of planting but the cleanliness of the town will also be taken into consideration.

Various organisations are involved in this competition – e.g. Wilmslow Town Council, Incredible Edible Wilmslow, Wilmslow Business Group.

Incredible Edible Wilmslow have asked the Clean Team to get involved.  We are planning to do 2 litter picks along the judging route : one the day before and a final clean up on the judging day itself.

More information about the competition can be found on the Incredible Edible Wilmslow website and on wilmslow.co.uk.


Britain In Bloom 2014 – Thursday 10th July 2014 *** Britain In Bloom Event ***

The 2014 Britain In Bloom judges will inspecting Wilmslow along a pre-defined route.

If anyone is available then they could do either or both of the following :

a) Tidy up along the route  (times / locations are in the email sent out this week). The town is pretty tidy – so visibility to the judges is the important factor here.

b) Meet up with the “Wilmslow In Bloom” team and the judges at the Memorial Gardens at 12:00.   A light lunch will be provided.  The organisers are keen for the CleanTeam to attend this lunch so that we can explain the work we have been doing this year to the judges.  Litter and community care are important factors in the judging.

See the blog post for more information about the competition.

Litter Picking – Wednesday 9th July 2014 *** Britain In Bloom Event ***

Extra litter picking event to prepare the town for the judging of the “2014 Britain in Bloom” competition.

We will meet at the Boddington Arms and then concentrate on the route that the judges will be taking.

Focus will therefore be on :

  • Lindow Common
  • Racecourse Road
  • Altrincham Road
  • Water Lane
  • Hawthorn Street
  • Bedells Lane
  • Alderley Road
  • Sainsbury’s Car Park / Library
  • Bank Square
  • Grove Street
  • Church Street
  • Memorial Gardens
  • The Carrs

See the blog post for more information about the competition.