Who Are We?

Wilmslow CleanTeam LogoWe have set  up a new sponsorship initiative for local businesses.  For as little as £50 a year you can play an important role in keeping us going.  Our equipment and insurance is expensive and so we need as much help as possible.  If you are in a position to help then please see the “Support Us” page for more information.  Many thanks to all the businesses who have already become co-sponsors.

We are a group of volunteers who help keep Wilmslow tidy by organising litter picking events twice a month and an annual Spring Clean.  We set our own priorities and are independent of the local councils.  We encourage people to take responsibility for their environment.

We were set up in October 2013 and started our litter picking events in the December.

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers.   We provide all the equipment, insurance and training. Please check the Volunteer page if you can spare some time to help us. We don’t expect our volunteers to attend every litter picking event – just come along when you can or else use our equipment to pick up litter at a more convenient time.

We hold litter picking events twice a month : on the first Wednesday and the following Saturday.  See the Events page for more details. We have a 6 monthly rota which covers most of Wilmslow, with the most littered areas getting extra visits.

We organise an annual Spring Clean around March every year.  This consists of a week long series of litter picking events by the Clean Team and other community organisations.

We help with the annual “Britain In Bloom” competition by organising extra litter picking sessions in the run up to the judging.

There are running costs associated with litter picking : annual insurance, litter pickers, hoops, storage equipment, hi-viz jackets etc.  Some of this equipment is expensive and we have to raise the funds ourselves. We therefore welcome any financial support.  We have received grants from Wilmslow Town Council – the latest in 2021.  In the past we have also benefited from the Waitrose “Community Matters” scheme (unfortunately this is no longer an option for us), the Tesco “Bags Of Help” Scheme and Globus (who provided us with free gloves).

We encourage local businesses to get involved with litter picking as part of their community involvement schemes. In the past we had support from several local businesses. Holiday Inn and Q Hotels were regular attendees at our organised litter picks. The Yorkshire Building Society also joined in with some of our Spring Clean activities.  Hickory’s Smokehouse are now actively involved and are willing to provide us with a meeting room when required.  Several other buinesses have become co-sponsors in our new scheme. If you are a business who would like to support our voluntary work – see the “Support Us” page for more details.

We have also done some work with local primary schools to educate children about the impact of litter on the environment. We have been to Gorsey Bank and will hopefully visit the other primary schools in the area too. If you are a school who would be interested in a visit from us then please use the Contact Us form.

Wilmslow Long Term Car Park 04-MAY-19This photo shows the kind of thing that we are tackling – i.e. the irresponsible behaviour of some people who think that it is acceptable to leave their litter anywhere rather than taking it home or finding a bin. We believe that we are making a difference and that Wilmslow is becoming a nicer place to live in over time.