News Update : 27-JUN-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

10 volunteers met on Summerfields on Wednesday 1st June. We collected 14 bags. The usual areas were covered from our base at Summerfields, with Colshaw Drive, and the roads off it, providing the greatest amount to be picked.

6 participants met at Banks Square on Saturday 4th June. We focussed on the town centre including the station, the Leisure Centre, Church St, Cliff Road, Grove Ave., Water Lane, Sainsburys/library and the Bollin Link.  We collected 7 bags.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Reported a fly tipping incident to ANSA : a large fridge-freezer abandoned near the A34 footbridge.

d) Continued attempts to contact the relevant body in order to get a sunken shopping trolley removed from the river Bollin.

e) Reported a burnt out bin (at the corner of Leaside Way and the Prestbury Link Rd) to ANSAWilmslow Clean Team Burnt Out Litter Bin





f) Discussion with the “Wilmslow In Bloom” team about the annual judging on Monday 4th July.

g) Updated the bag count on the website : 265 bags so far this year.

h) Between January and May 2022, we have been supporting two female WHS students complete their community volunteering section of the DofE Bronze Award Scheme.  The girls each carried out 13 one hour litter picking sessions around the Sainsbury’s Car Park and the public for path that runs along the railway tracks behind the high school.  In total they collected 26 bags of litter. These locations were chosen to demonstrate to the girls how litter is repeatedly being dropped in the same locations, and that most of it is being dropped by their peers. They said that his has ‘opened their eyes’ and shocked them. It has given them an increased awareness that they intend to use to try and change the attitudes of their peers wherever they can. A Fantastic effort – and hopefully there will be other similar initiatives in the future.

Hope to see you at the July picks.