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Litter Picking Event Summary – Saturday 6th September 2014

Wilmslow Clean Team Litter Pick 6th September 20145 volunteers turned up for the second of our litter picks scheduled for September 2014.

We met at the Farmer’s Arms and the focus was on the surrounding area.

The following were amongst the streets that we cleaned up : Chapel Lane, Moor Lane, Bourne Street, Nursery Lane, South Oak Lane, Hawthorn Street, Beddels Lane, Albert Road, Racecourse Road and Victoria Road.

We collected about 7 bags of rubbish – some of which is shown in the photo ready for collection by the council.

Well done everyone.

Litter Picking Event Summary – 3rd September 2014

Rubbish collected by Wilmslow Clean Team in Lacey Green on 3rd September 2014  5 volunteers turned up for the first of our 3 litter picks scheduled for September 2014.  We were also grateful for some assistance from a member of “Friends Of Lacey Green Park“.

The focus was on Lacey Green.

We managed a sizable haul of about 12 bags of rubbish – some of which is shown in the photo ready for collection by the council (who have been notified).

In addition to the Lacey Green event, some of our other volunteers worked along Altrincham Road from the scout hut on Carnival Field down to the Boddington Arms, across Lindow Common and back.  They managed to collect 5 heavy sacks of rubbish.

Another volunteer collected a sack on Knutsford Road – only to find fresh drinks cans and wrappers already littering the area later on in the day.

Thanks for a good effort today everyone.


Litter Picking Event Summary – 25th August 2014

wilmslow clean team carrs august 20144 volunteers turned up for the third of our 3 litter picks scheduled for August 2014.  We even had a junior volunteer this time who did a brilliant job.

The focus was on the Carrs and surrounding area including the play area, picnic areas, memorial gardens, Manchester Road, Styal Road and Cliff Road.

There is a major problem in the Carrs with discarded baby wipes and irresponsible disposal of dog poo – despite plenty of bins in the area.

About 5 bags of rubbish were collected altogether.

Litter Picking Event Summary – 6th August 2014

Wilmslow Rubbish Collected On 6th August 20146 volunteers turned up for the first of our 3 litter picks scheduled for August 2014.

The focus was on Grove Street, Grove Avenue, St Anne’s Parade, Parsonage Green, Alderley Road, Albert Road and Chapel Lane.

A large number of cigarette ends were patiently picked up along Grove Street which seem to be left behind by the official street cleaning machinery.

We have noticed a lot of weeds along pavement edges and around public benches and planters.
Talks about this weed problem are in progress with the Town Council.

About 7 bags of rubbish were collected altogether.

Well done everyone !

Litter Picking Event Summary – 9th July 2014

We got together for an extra litter pick today.  This was to clean the town in preparatation for the judging of the Britain In Bloom 2014 competition (the judges are in Wilmslow on 10th July).

Only 5 volunteers were available but we did a good job and covered a large area – most of the focus was on the route that the judges will take.

The areas covered were :

We met at the Boddington Arms and then concentrated on the route that the judges will be taking. So – the focus was on the following areas :

  • Lindow Common + Car Park
  • Racecourse Road
  • Altrincham Road
  • Water Lane
  • Hawthorn Street
  • Bedells Lane
  • Alderley Road
  • Sainsbury’s Car Park
  • Grove Street
  • Church Street
  • Manchester Road
  • Memorial Gardens
  • The Carrs
  • Leisure Centre
  • Station

We collected about 7 bags of rubbish.

It looked as though the town had undergone more cleaning work than we have come to expect because the town centre seemed cleaner than normal.  This could well be down to some of the recent scheduled litter picking events by the Clean Team though.

We did spot a council road sweeping vehicle cleaning the gutters in Racecourse Road this morning.  This activity has become almost non existent in Wilmslow.  It makes a massive difference in terms of the appearance of the roads and in the prevention of problems with the storm drains.  It is a shame that it takes an annual competition for a limited amount of this activity to be performed in our town.

Thanks and well done to all today’s volunteers.   Hope to see you all in the Coach & Four later tonight for our social night.

Litter Picking Event Summary – 2nd July 2014

Another good litter pick on a beautiful sunny morning.

8 volunteers met at the Parish Hall. We tidied up the car park, the play area, the skateboard park, The Carrs, Twinnies Bridge, Styal Road and Croft Road.  One volunteer wandered into town and tidied up the walkway between Sainsbury’s and Parkway.

We collected about 7 bags of rubbish altogether.

Well done everyone!

7th Wilmslow Guides Litter Picking Event Summary – 1st July 2014

The CleanTeam assisted the 7th Wilmslow Guides with a litter picking event organised by their leader Angela Ross.

We provided the equipment plus a couple of volunteers.  Around 12 guides and several leaders did most of the litter picking.

The guides focussed on Lindow Common whilst the CleanTeam volunteers focussed on the surrounding area (Racecourse Road, Altrincham Road etc).

We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the guides.  7 bags of rubbish were collected and bagged.

Thanks to Angela and the guides for a tremendous effort.   Hopefully we can arrange some similar events together in the future.

Mini Litter Pick Summary – 30th June 2014

An extra litter pick was held today with a couple of Clean Team volunteers ably assisted by a year 9 student from Wilmslow High School who was volunteering as part of “Commonwealth Week”.

We focussed on Knutsford Road (from the Kings Arms down to Lindow Church), Alderley Road (from the Kings Arms to the A34 roundabout), Bedells Lane, Chapel Lane, South Oak Lane, Stoney Lane and Prestbury Road.

We collected 7 bags of rubbish.

Thanks everyone.


Litter Picking Event Summary – 4th June 2014

Another good litter pick with 8 volunteers turning up.  We met at Bank Square and then spread out in various directions.   The area covered included Church Street, Manchester Road, Alderley Road, Knutsford Road, the car parks near Sainsbury’s, the library, Parkway, Water Lane, Altrincham Road and Prestbury Road.  We collected about 12 bags of rubbish.

We are finding increasing numbers of small discarded laughing gas cylinders.

Concern was raised about the state of the shop frontage outside Tesco Express.

We were also shocked by the amount of litter found in the memorial gardens.