Litter Picking Event Summary – 3rd September 2014

Rubbish collected by Wilmslow Clean Team in Lacey Green on 3rd September 2014  5 volunteers turned up for the first of our 3 litter picks scheduled for September 2014.  We were also grateful for some assistance from a member of “Friends Of Lacey Green Park“.

The focus was on Lacey Green.

We managed a sizable haul of about 12 bags of rubbish – some of which is shown in the photo ready for collection by the council (who have been notified).

In addition to the Lacey Green event, some of our other volunteers worked along Altrincham Road from the scout hut on Carnival Field down to the Boddington Arms, across Lindow Common and back.  They managed to collect 5 heavy sacks of rubbish.

Another volunteer collected a sack on Knutsford Road – only to find fresh drinks cans and wrappers already littering the area later on in the day.

Thanks for a good effort today everyone.