Litter Picking Summary – 4th -> 7th February 2015

The 2 litter picks scheduled for February are now complete.

Wilmslow Clean Team Litter Pick The Cars 4th Feb 20153 volunteers met at the Parish Hall on Wednesday 4th February.  2 of them went off and collected litter in the surrounding area whilst the 3rd tidied up the car park and swept up some leaves.  6 bags of litter were collected altogether.

6 volunteers met in the Summerfields car park on Saturday 7th Wilmslow Clean Team Litter Pick Summerfields 7th Feb 2015February. They tidied up the car park and the surrounding roads – e.g. Dean Row Road. Some of the hedgerows in the area, especially on Dean Row Road near Colshaw Drive and bordering the offices and Kids Unlimited nursery are in a disgusting state.  The Clean Team did their best but the trees and plants make it almost impossible to get at some of the litter.  We were surprised at how bad the litter problem was and collected 17 bags which is higher than average. We may well have to organise another litter pick in this area.