News Update : 02-DEC-23

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

6 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Wednesday 01-NOV-23. We covered Altrincham Road and the area near the airport tunnels. We collected at least 9 bags.  We were pleased to welcome 3 ladies from “Carefound Home Care” to this pick.

8 volunteers met at The Parish Hall on Saturday 04-NOV-23. We covered the Carrs, the surrounding area and the town centre. We collected 9 bags.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Completed the move of our bank account from Barclays

d) Started to plan a get together for our 10th anniversary. We are currently considering meeting up in The Kings Arms one evening in January – probably a Monday or a Tuesday. More details will be sent out once the plans are confirmed.

e) Started to investigate a possible poster campaign (following up on a recent suggestion by Elaine)

f) Renewed our annual insurance.