October 2019 Litter Pick Summary And Other News

10 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Wednesday 2nd October. We spread out in all directions including the area around the High School.  We collected 12 bags.  We also collected some recyclables that were taken home and put in the silver bins.  We would like to thank The Kings Arms for allowing us to use their car park.

9 volunteers met at Lindow Common on Saturday 5th October. We collected a further 10 bags. We were very pleased to welcome 2 new members. We spread out covering the local area including Racecourse Road, Altrincham Road, Kings Road, the Jim Evison playing fields and Greaves Road.

A few volunteers also went out on solo picks so our total over the last month was 26 bags and our year to date total is 380.

We were happy to arrange a loan of our litter picking equipment to the local cub group on Tuesday 1st October. They went out with 6 hoops and collected 2 bags of litter on the Carnival Fields and the around the neighbouring scout hut. Well done to everyone involved.

We are continuing our efforts to make contact with the Colshaw Farm volunteers who have recently started some good community work to litter pick in that area.

Our committee continues to work on refinements to our constitution with a further meeting planned for the end of October.

Network Rail reacted to our recent request to clean up the embankments at the “Dean Row Road” railway bridge – but they only cleaned one of the four corners.  They have re-opened the incident we logged and are going to chase their contractor to find out why they didn’t do a full clean up properly.



Litter Picking Summary 4th + 7th September 2019

With the summer holidays almost over, 11 volunteers met at Bank Square on Wednesday 4th September. We covered all of the town centre, down as far as Sainsbury’s car park, the Leisure Centre, the Station, the Carrs, and the town end of Chapel Lane.  We collected at least 9 bags along with some recyclabes.

One of our volunteers discovered that one of the benches from inside Sainsburys was lying behind the cycle rack. She asked a supervisor why this was and was told, ‘Not our bench’. She checked the bench again that it was theirs – it had a plaque dedicated to a former employee, Harold Jupp. This time, a manager agreed and said it would be brought back inside!

We were pleased to welcome a new volunteer at Wednesday’s pick.

9 volunteers met in Summerfields car park on Saturday 7th September. We focused on the surrounding area including Dean Row Road, the slip road and footpath alongside the A34, Colshaw Drive (starting at both ends but not quite reaching the middle) and Oakenclough Close. We collected 14 bags of litter, a tyre and some recyclables.

There seemed to be less litter than normal on Colshaw Drive. Some of our volunteers were told that the local residents association have been doing their own litter picks and have had equipment donated by CEC so that they can make this a regular event. We are going to try to make contact with them again so that we can liaise and co-ordinate future litter picks.

We found a mattress that had been fly-tipped on the service road by rear entrance to the cemetery. We will be reporting this to ANSA.  A few months ago we made contact with Network Rail to report the litter on the embankments where Dean Row Road crosses over the railway. We checked progress today and unfortunately they have only cleared the easy bit where there are steps down. So – we will report back to them and see if the other 3 embankments can be dealt with.

We collected at least 23 bags of litter at our 2 scheduled September picks along with some more bags collected by our voluneers on solo picks.

Well done everyone – hope to see you in October.


Litter Picking Summary 7th + 10th August 2019

We have been very busy this month with 5 organised litter picks, since the last update, rather than the usual 2 – along with some fantastic solo efforts!

9 volunteers met at The Carnival Fields on Monday 8th July to help with the clean up operation after The Wilmslow Show. We collected a bag each.

There were 2 “In Bloom” judging events this year. We did an extra litter pick on Monday 22nd July so that the town was looking at its best for the regional round of judging. 10 volunteers turned up for an evening pick. We collected 12 bags of litter altogether in and around the town centre. 6 additional bags were collected on solo picks.

11 volunteers met at The Honey Bee at 10:00 on Wednesday 7th August. Again – we were delighted to welcome 2 new volunteers. We focused on Altrincham Road down to the airport tunnels – traditionally one of the worst areas for litter in Wilmslow. We collected 15 bags plus several hub caps.  We also reported some fly tipping, near the airport fire station, to ANSA.  The 2nd of our “In Bloom” events was on the same evening – this time in preparation for the National judging (Wilmslow is representing the North West this year). About 8 volunteers met up in the evening collecting a bag each.

Wilmslow Clean Team Stanneylands Road 10-AUG-19Last but not least, despite blustery weather, 8 volunteers met at The Parish Hall, on Saturday 10th August. The park was reasonably litter free due to recent activity for the Bloom judging. We spread out covering the Carr’s (to Twinnies Bridge), Stanneylands Road, Prestbury Road, The Memorial Gardens and the footpaths near Trust Ford. We collected at least 9 bags along with hub caps and some recyclables. We also informed ANSA about a large gas canister that has been washed up near Twinnies Bridge.

So – a massive monthly litter haul of 60 bags.  Well done everyone. Fingers crossed for the “In Bloom” judging later in the year.

We also reported some dangerous overhanging vegetation (on Altrincham Road) to Cheshire East Council




Litter Picking Summary 3rd + 6th July 2019

11 volunteers met at Bank Square, on a lovely sunny day, on Wednesday 3rd June. We covered a large area of the town including Bank Square, Grove Street, Church Street, the Railway Station, Hawthorn Lane, Kennerleys Lane, Carrwood Road, Lacey Green and the Town Centre itself.  This could well be a record turn-out for volunteers. We picked 13 bags of litter. We were delighted to welcome 2 new volunteers to this event.

Wilmslow Clean Team Lacey Green July 20194 volunteers met, on a miserable Saturday morning, at Lacey Green Park. We covered the surrounding area. One of us headed off to Stanneylands Road whilst another ventured up Manchester Road as far as the lights at the Bluebell Garage. We collected 5 bags altogether.


So – 18 bags altogether at the July picks plus some more on solo picks

Thanks and well done everyone.

Litter Picking Summary 5th + 8th June 2019

9 volunteers met at Summefields oWilmslow Clean Team Summerfields June 2019n Wednesday 9th June. We collected 17 bags of litter around the Summerfields/ Colshaw Drive area. We also collected various mattresses, supermarket trollies and other random items. We reported all this for collection by Ansa.



On a very wet Saturday 9 volunteers met on Chapel Lane. We spread out in different directions and collected 8 bags of litter from the surrounding streets. We were especially grateful to Chelsea flowers for providing hot drinks and The Farmer’s Arms for letting us park.

So – 25 bags altogether in our 2 scheduled June picks.

Litter Picking Summary 1st + 4th May 2019

10 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Wednesday 1st May. We covered Altrincham Road from the Jim Evison Fields to the Waters Corporation roundabout and from the junction of Altrincham Road with Nansmoss Lane to the mouths of the airport tunnels. The litter was very bad in the usual dumping ground on the old piece of road near the Airport Inn.

The oddest finds were a ‘gun nozzle’ and short piece of hose from a petrol pump. We also found a wallet containing a driving licence and a bank debit card which we have handed in at Wilmslow Police Station.

We were very pleased to welcome one new volunteer and 2 more who came along for the first time during our recent Spring Clean.

We collected 17 bags altogether plus assorted other debris.

6 volunteers met at Bank Square on Saturday 4th May. We focused on the town centre including Church Street, Sanisbury’s car park, the Leisure Centre, the Station area, Manchester Road and Parkway. We collected 9 bags altogether and a few recyclables.

The total since last months report is 28 bags. Well done everyone.


Summary Of Spring Clean 2019

Four formal litter picks were organised by the Wilmslow Clean Team during our Spring Clean week which ran from 1st April to the 7th April 2019. Some of our volunteers also contributed by going out on their own. Our spring clean fell nicely into the month long “Great British Spring Clean” initiative organised by Keep Britain Tidy

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2019 - Dean Row10 volunteers met at The Unicorn in Dean Row on Monday 1st April for an hour long, evening pick. We focused on the surrounding area.  Some volunteers headed off to Summerfields.  Another drove further afield and picked from Prestbury Road, down to the Bollin and up as far as Wilmslow Park North – an area we haven’t covered much before and which was particularly bad. We collected 15 bags altogether and some hub caps. Some of us enjoyed a well earned drink in The Unicorn afterwards. We were very pleased to welcome 4 new volunteers. Thanks to The Unicorn for allowing us to use the car park.

On Wednesday 3rd April we met at Lindow Common. 11 volunteers collected 16 bags in the surrounding area. Again, we were delighted to welcome a new volunteer. 6 of us went to the Boddington Arms afterwards. We would like to thank them for providing us with a complementary hot drink – it was really appreciated.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2019 - Prestbury Road9 volunteers met at The Kings Arms on Saturday 6th April. We covered the surrounding area including Alderley Road, Knutsford Road and Chapel Lane. 2 volunteers drove further afield and picked Prestbury Road.  10 bags were collected altogether.  We would like to thank the Kings Arms for the use of their car park and for the offer of a hot drink (although I think we all had to head home after the pick). We reported some fly tipping on Prestbury Road to ANSA

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2019 - Stanneylands RoadOur final Spring Clean pick was on Sunday 7th April. 7 volunteers met at Wilmslow Garden Centre. We covered the surrounding roads and woods. 2 volunteers drove down Stanneylands Road and covered the area from the hotel, down to the river and up the other side. This area was one of the worst we have seen. It’s not an area we cover very often but we very quickly filled 4 bags of litter and a whole bag of recyclables. The litter was just everywhere in what is a really picturesque part of the town. It’s possible that the huge house building exercise is contributing to the problem – we will have to monitor this situation. We collected 14 bags altogether along with a few hub caps. Thanks to the garden centre for the use of their car park.

So – a massive haul of 54 bags at our formal Spring Clean picks.  The total bag count in the last month is 60 and our total so far in 2019 is 165.

Thanks to everyone who came to the litter picks or supported us in other ways in what was a very successful Spring Clean.

As well as running our own litter picks, we have also been pushing ANSA to litter pick the A34 bypass.  We were pleased to see this happening last week.

Litter Picking Summary 6th + 9th March 2019

Litter Picking Summary 6th + 9th February 201911 volunteers met at Summerfields on Wednesday 6th March and covered most roads and verges in this area and the Colshaw Farm Estate.

We collected 13 bags, some recyclables and miscellaneous items including a shopping trolley, a children’s cycle, a contractors yellow flashing light a TV and a mattress.  We have informed ANSA as usual and asked them to collect everything.

We were pleased to welcome a new volunteer (Janet) to this litter pick.

We were also delighted to welcome back Jane and Michelle from Yorkshire Building Society. They used to be regulars on our picks as part of their commitment to community activities.  They will be coming occasionally on Wednesdays from now on which is brilliant news.

5 volunteers met at Bank Square on Saturday 9th March. We covered the Leisure Centre, Green Lane, Church St, Mill St, Bollin Link and the town centre towards Sainbury’s.

We collected 8 bags bringing the total over our 2 scheduled picks to 21.

Various volunteers have been out picking individually. This includes a pick by Chris, Colin, Sally, and Liz who collected 8 bags on Burleyhurst Lane, on 21st February, from Morley Green to the Mobberley parish boundary. They took some recyclables home including a large amount of gin bottles !

Our total for the calendar year is now 105

Thanks and well done everyone.


Litter Picking Summary 6th + 9th February 2019

8 volunteers met at the Parish Hall Car Park on Wednesday 6th February. We covered The Carrs, Cliff Road, Church Street, Old Road, the area around Polar Ford Garage, the Station and the Leisure Centre.

We collected 12 bags and some car parts. We then all enjoyed a hot drink to celebrate Colin’s birthday.

Wilmslow Clean Team Saturday 9th Feb 2019 Airport Tunnels8 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Saturday 9th February.  We covered the A538 (Altrincham Road) from Morley Nurseries & Tearoom to the airport tunnels.

A total of 20 bags were collected (2 or which were recyclable items)  as well as assorted wheel trims and other vehicular debris. The recyclable items will be placed in a domestic silver bin. After the event we went to Morley Nurseries & Tearoom the cafe for coffee and a chat.

So – 32 bags altogether at our scheduled February picks – plus some extras from our solo pickers.

Thanks and well done everyone.


Litter Picking Summary 6th + 9th January 2019

The total bag count for 2018 was 529 – an amazing effort.

Our 2019 picks started off on Saturday 6th January.  10 volunteers met at Bank Square.  Most roads in and around the town centre were covered as far out as Altrincham Road, Kennerleys Lane, Chapel Lane, Albert Road, Parkway, the link road to A34 Bypass, the Railway station forecourt, the Leisure Centre, Broadway Meadows car park, Parish Hall car park and Sainsbury’s car park. At least 17 bags were collected, plus some recyclables.

The town centre seemed worse then normal – the committee will try and find out whether the council has cut down the scheduled cleans – and whether they suspend cleaning over Christmas.  Cigarette butts were everywhere – in all the doorways, gutters, storm drains and even in the planters that the town council have installed.

Blue Plastic TakeAway Fork Whole Blue Plastic TakeAway Fork In Pieces

These blue plastic “takeaway” forks are particularly troublesome – as they have often disintegrated into lots of very small pieces – making them difficult to pick up.


One of our volunteers asked the committee to request that a new bin be installed in the Broadway Meadows car park as the litter there was bad. A request was sent to Ansa – but there is no budget remaining this financial year for new bins – and it is not clear if there will be budget come April.

Our second pick of the year was on Wednesday 9th January.  6 volunteers met at Lacey Green Park.  We focused on the surrounding area and collected 10 bags and a traffic cone.

So – 27 bags at our scheduled picks plus at least 2 more by our “solo” volunteers.

Thanks and well done to all our volunteers – new volunteers are always welcome.