News Update : 02-SEP-23

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

7 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Wednesday 2nd August. We collected 9 bags and some recyclables.

We did have a pick scheduled in for Saturday 5th August, at Bank Square, but the weather was horrendous and (understandably) only a couple of volunteers turned up – so a decision was made to cancel the pick.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks

c) Reserved a room at Hickory’s Smokehouse for our AGM. This will be at 19:30 on Wednesday 27th September.  All welcome.  Many thanks to Hickory’s for  the complementary use of a function room and their ongoing support.

d) Responded to 10th Wilmslow (St Anne’s) Brownies who are planning a pick.