News Update : 27-FEB-22

Since the last news update we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

9 volunteers met at Bank Square on Wednesday 2nd February and went for a post pick coffee in Konak Cafe.  We covered the surrounding area including Broadway, the High School entrance, the Station, the Leisure centre, Sainsbury Car Parks, Grove St, Grove Ave, Grove Way, the areas around the viaduct and the Ford Garage, Church Road,  the playground and car park by the Parish Hall and the Remembrance Gardens . We collected at least 15 bags and some recyclables.

12 volunteers met at The Honey Bee on Saturday 5th February. We spread out around the area as usual, with cars re-locating to near Eccups Lane,  Morley Green Garden Centre & near the Airport Hotel. We collected 15 bags plus a few large items. It was another damp morning but 7 of us enjoyed a coffee afterwards.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to Liz for leading her first pick.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Reported some fly tipping (including a litter bin !) to ANSA

d) Welcomed another co-sponsor – many thanks to Konak Café.  We now have 6 co-sponsors who have all contributed at least £50 to our funds :

e) Welcomed some new volunteers

f) Heard from Cllr Julie Dawn Potts that she has worked with ANSA to get 4 new litter bins installed : one on the path off Upcast Lane (opposite Lindow Cricket Club), one outside the wooden gates at Newgate Nature Reserve, one at the crossroads at the bottom of Newgate and one outside Peter Herd’s bakery on Chapel Lane .  Great news.

g) Responded to an enquiry from someone interested in setting up a litter picking team in Macclesfield

h) Reviewed our email distribution list – and removed some old members

i) Started to consider whether to re-introduce the annual Spring Clean

Hope to see you at the March picks.