News Update : 01-APR-23

Since the last news update, we have:

a) Continued with our twice monthly litter picks :

6 volunteers met at The Farmers Arms on Wednesday 1st March.  We covered the surrounding area including South Oak Lane,

Oak Lane, Gravel Lane, Moor Lane, The Temp, Lindow Common, Chapel Lane and the streets around Kenmore Medical Centre.

We also covered the front area of the parade of shops from Sainsbury’s to Hoopers.

We collected at least 7 bags and some recyclables.

10 volunteers met in Summerfields car park on Saturday 4th March.  2 other volunteers solo litter picked Sainsbury’s car park.

We collected at least 20 bags and some recyclables. We focussed on the surrounding area including Colshaw Drive.

Thanks to Elliot who once again came along with his father – he has been doing a great job as part of his Duke Of Edinburgh award.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

b) Continued with our solo picks.

c) Reported various bits of fly tipping to ANSA including a  lot which we spotted from the pedestrian bridge over the A34 during the Summerfields pick.

d) Responded to a request from “Wilmslow Prep School” whose children are keen to get involved with some litter picking after being shocked by the amount of litter they saw on a trip to The Carrs.

e) Responded to a request from “5th Wilmslow Brownies” who want to clean the play area at The Carrs in May

f) Asked ANSA when they were next planning to litter pick the verges on the A34 – and received this response:
All being well we have TM planned for the 25th and 26th April to do the lane ones of the A34 dual carriageway  and then the 23rd and 24th May to do the central reservations.

g) Updated the bag count on the website.  The year to date total is now 129.