Litter Picking Summary 7th + 10th February 2018

Wilmslow Clean Team Volunteers Parish Hall Litter Pick 7th February 20188 volunteers met at The Parish Hall on Wednesday 7th February.  We spread out covering The Carrs and the surrounding area. Some volunteers also went as far as the A34 bypass on the Bollin Link road and drove across to tackle Prestbury Road.  17 bags of litter were collected. The attached photograph shows some of the group enjoying a well deserved break, with coffee, taken from the conveniently placed cafe in the Parish Hall car park.

On Saturday morning, despite dreadful weather, 7 volunteers met in the Honey Bee car park and removed 18 bags of litter from Altrincham Rd and part of Morley Green Road.

Wilmslow Clean Team Holiday Inn Airport Hotel bus stop 10th February 2018Altrincham Road from the airport tunnels into Wilmslow is notoriously bad for litter. It seems to be getting worse though. It is one of the locations that we visit twice as often as the others – and so our volunteers do a thorough tidy up of this road every 3 months.  The amount of litter which had accumulated in the last 3 months was shocking.  Either people are littering more or Cheshire East council are cleaning up less. This is something which we can investigate further. The photo is taken right next to the bus stop near the Holiday Inn hotel.  The whole of this area was really badly littered – it is difficult to capture the extent in a photo. It could be down to one individual or perhaps lots of people waiting for their buses.  A bin is definitely required at this bus stop. Again, this is something which we can propose to Cheshire East.

So – a total haul of 35 bags in February plus some recyclables. This is in addition to all the solo litter picks that our volunteers do on a regular basis. Well done to everyone who helped this month.  We would also like to thank the management of the Honey Bee for allowing us to use their car park which was also litter picked.

The locations of all the bags of litter were reported to ANSA with requests for collection and disposal.