Litter Picking Event Summary – 3rd -> 6th December 2014

The first 2 of our December litter picking events have gone well – with at least 20 bags of litter collected.

7 volunteers met at the Kings Arms on Wednesday 3rd December.  2 volunteers concentrated on the grounds of the disused Remenham council offices (owned by Cheshire East Council until March next year) – particularly the boundary fence bordering Alderley Road where large quantities of litter had been dumped over the fence.  Various home made advertising boards that had also been thrown over the fence were also collected up.  The other 5 volunteers covered the surrounding roads including Albert Road, Victoria Road, Sainsbury’s car park and the hedge opposite the BP garage.

5 volunteers met at the Honey Bee, on a bright and frosty morning. on Saturday 5th December.  We covered Altrincham Road (between the airport tunnels and Nansmoss Lane) as well as Morley Green Road.  We collected a staggering amount of rubbish, over about a mile of road, considering we have done this area before.  A total of 15 bags of rubbish were collected. This has to be down to people throwing litter out of their vehicles.  In addition to the litter we also collected old road signs and vehicle parts.  It was interesting litter picking with a hard frost – a lot of the litter was frozen to the ground!  It was nice to welcome a new volunteer too.

Our next pick is on Saturday 20th December.