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Litter Picking Summary 5th->8th April 2017

Hot on the heals of the Spring Clean Week came our 2 scheduled April litter picks.

11 members met at Lindow Common. We collected 23 bags of litter (plus 2 bags for recycling), a carpet (dumped by the lake!), a handbag, a sweater, a car battery, a car floor mat, a car hub cap, various cardboard boxes, and an AA road sign. We covered The Common itself, Racecourse Road (including the unadopted section behind the Premier Inn), the grounds of the Premier Inn & Harvester/Boddington Arms and the woodland behind, and both sides of Altrincham Road between the ‘town end’ junction of Racecourse Road and the Jim Evison playing fields (including the first sections of Mobberley Road and Kings Road). We also covered the section of Altrincham Road between the junction of Nansmoss Lane and the junction of Morley Green Road (opposite The Honey Bee). We reported to National Grid that the doors on their Gas ‘sub-station’, on the land belonging to Harvester/Premier Inn, were broken and swung wide open, and they promised to send an inspector within 4 hours to investigate. We also reported a forgotten ‘For Sale’ board, lying on its side in the bushes, to its owners, Bridgfords, who said they would recover it.

Many thanks to Lauren, the Duty Manager at Harvester, who kindly offered us all a free coffee – 6 of us took up the offer.

One of our volunteers, Viv, had also been out litter picking individually the previous Monday and collected a bag in Priory Rd, Gorsey Rd and Altrincham Road outside Gorsey Bank School.

By the time Saturday arrived, a lot of the team were “littered out” after an intensive 2 week period of organised litter picks. We still had 4 volunteers out and about though. We met at The King’s Arms and covered Knutsford Road (as far down as Davenport Green), Alderley Road (down to the A34 roundabout), Fulshaw Park Road South, the footpath leading to and including Greenway, Parkway up to the Sainsbury car park cut through, Sainsbury’s car park down to the Coach & Four, Bedell’s Lane, Hawthorne Street as a far as the Police Station, Chapel Lane, Lindfield Estate South, Albert Road and Victoria Road.  These areas were reasonably clean and it seems that much of the ingrained & deep seated litter has been removed. 6 more bags of litter were collected altogether.

Many thanks to The Coach & Four for offering us tea and coffee.

So – 30 more bags of litter and some recyclables altogether in the April picks.

Hope to see everyone in May.

Summary Of Spring Clean 2017

We held 4 litter picks during the 2017 Spring Clean Week.  We collected at least 61 bags of litter + some recyclables – so a brilliant effort all round.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 Adlington RoadSome sparkling weather was welcome on Monday 27th March. 2 new volunteers (Alison and Sara) were amongst the 10 who met at Wilmslow Garden Centre. This was a new venue for us. We collected 24 bags plus 3 bags for recycling. We also alerted ANSA to the carcass of a badger on Stanneylands Road. We covered Manchester Road (from the Blue Bell crossroads north to the boundary with Handforth, and the woodland near this boundary), Dean Drive, Courtney Green, the Arthur Boon park, the un-named cul de sac adjacent and Stanneylands Road (between the hotel and the Styal parish boundary at Linney Bridge, and for some distance up the hill beyond the boundary). Because we have never covered some of this area before there was a lot of very old, deep-seated, litter, especially in the woodland around the park, and down the cul de sac road past the building used by the Army and Air Force cadets, towards the railway viaduct. We heard from a passer-by that someone is regularly fly-tipping drink cans down there.

On Tuesday, one of our volunteers, Sheila, collected 3 bags and a wheel trim on Alderley Road (and the surrounding streets) between the bypass roundabout and the Kings Arms. Donkey Lane and Fulshaw Park.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 The Carrs8 volunteers met at the Parish Hall in the evening on Wednesday 29th March. We were pleased to welcome another new volunteer (Julie). We collected 10 bags and some recyclables. We focussed on surrounding area including The Carrs, Cliff Road, Styal Road and Bollin Hill. We then headed off to The King William for a drink and a chat.


7 volunteers gathered at the Unicorn Pub on Adlington Road on Friday 31st March. We  collected 12 bags of litter from in and around the Dean Row area.  Again – this was a new location for us. We covered Lees Road (on both sides down as far as the Wilmslow boundary), Adlington Road (down as far as Browns Lane and then into Cross Lane), Chapel Road and Woodford Road (down as far as the Wilmslow boundary). It was great to welcome 2 local Dean Row councillors : Ian Furguson and Frank McCarthy.  We would also like to than the landlady of the Unicorn for kindly offering us tea or coffee which we enjoyed when arrived back at the pub.

Wilmslow Clean Team Spring Clean 2017 SinsburysOn Sunday 2nd April, 5 volunteers met at Sainsbury’s and we were so pleased to be joined by a 12 year old girl who had read about the Spring Clean and brought her mum along – what a star!  We collected 11 bags altogether. We would like to thank Sainsbury’s for the free ice creams that they brought out – very welcome on a warm afternoon. Thanks to the Coach & Four for the offer of free teas – most of us had to dash off – so apologies if no-one turned up. We also heard that Ruth and Rod had collected a bag of litter from in and around the Rectory pond and from the wilderness by Sainsbury’s car park – much of which they took home to recycle.

Many thanks to everyone who helped during the week either on the organised litter picks or individually.  It was especially nice to welcome some new volunteers.  Thanks also to the local businesses who offered us support (parking, refreshments etc).