Monthly Archives: March 2014

Interesting Article About Rubbish On British Beaches

An interesting article about the increasing problem of rubbish on British beaches.  The North West is highlighted as a particular problem area.  Some of this rubbish is being blown from inland or being carried by rivers.   We all need to take more responsibility for our environment.


Wilmslow Spring Clean Week 2014 Launch Info

We will be working with Wilmslow Town Council on the annual “Spring Clean Wilmslow” event.   Two of our litter picking events are scheduled during this week – see the Events page for more details.  Flyers will be distributed to homes in the run up to this event.   There is more information about the event on the Wilmslow Town Council website :


Some other organisations including the Fire Brigade and some local scout and guide groups are planning to do their own litter picks during Spring Clean Week.  It’s great that the local community is pulling together.